#GoBackModi trends top on Twitter during PM’s visit

PM Narendra Modi was welcomed to the Karnataka with #GoBackModi Twitter campaign on Thursday


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#GoBackModi trend is now getting regular with PM's visits to states.

PM Narendra Modi was welcomed to the Karnataka with #GoBackModi Twitter campaign on Thursday.

The campaign has become a common feature during most of his visits to Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The campaign in Karnataka was a mark of PM's growing unpopularity.

“Hum Bharat Ke Log”, a coalition of progressive organisations, had given a call for the Twitter campaign in protest against the CAA, 2019, it took on a different dimension.

Issues such as inadequate flood relief to the State, centralising banking exams against the interests of Kannadigas, and GST dues to the State were also raised by the Twitterati.

There were over 66,000 tweets with the hashtag GoBackModi by 11.30 p.m on Thursday and the hashtag kept on trending for several hours.

A Twitter user, Prathap Kanagal, said, “Modi is in Karnataka today. Problem Karnataka is facing: unemployment, flood relief, GST dues, MNREGA dues, IBPS...

...Modi is talking about Pakistan, Kashmir and Article 370, Ram Mandir. Everything Modi spoke today is irrelevant to the problem State is facing. So Karnataka is saying #GoBackModi”.

The Prime Minister was also questioned over the delay in the Union Cabinet clearing the suburban rail project for Bengaluru.

“Why should Bengaluru wait for decades for a simple thing that other cities have for 100 years? Why this injustice?

#ChukuBukuCabinetClearanceBeku”, tweeted civic activist Srinivas Alavilli of Citizens for Bengaluru, which spearheaded the Twitter campaign.

Many Residents’ Welfare Associations and civic activists tweeted questioning why the Union Cabinet was delaying the rail project despite the BJP being in power at the Centre, in the State, and also in the city administration.

PM is on a two day visit to Karnataka that started on Thursday and #GobackModi is expected to be louder the second day of his visit.

#GobackModi twitter trend has been witnessed in many states as well as during Modi's Howdy Modi event in US.

Besides the protests over CAA, NRC and NPR across the country, Social media has become the new voice of the people as they demand #GoBackModi.

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