Gehlot govt in Rajasthan to provide 50,000 jobs in next few months

Out of these, as many as 34,000 are in the education department alone

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot (Photo courtesy: Social Media)
Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot (Photo courtesy: Social Media)

Prakash Bhandari

True to its words, the Ashok Gehlot government would provide 50,000 jobs in the next few months to the people of the state. Thus, Rajasthan will possibly be the only state in the country that will provide such a large number of jobs in just one year. The Congress government knows it very well that the last Vasundhara Raje government had to bow out of power largely because it failed to keep the promises made to the youth to provide 1.40 lakh jobs. This promise was never fulfilled and the BJP government was sent packing.

But Ashok Gehlot, who is a third-term Chief Minister, knows that promises made to the people will have to be fulfilled. In December, 2019, when the Gehlot government completed its first year, Gehlot said that the government fulfilled 119 promises that it made in the election manifesto which was 24 per cent. Now the government is in action and its first priority is to give jobs to the youth. The Vasundhara Raje government failed to fill the one lakh vacant posts in the education department. The Gehlot government has announced 34,000 jobs in the education department. Out of the 96,108 posts lying vacant, 68,370 are in the primary education and 27,738 are in the secondary education departments.

“This is a welcome announcement and now the state government will have to conduct the Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers (REET) examinations which is necessary for the recruitment process. The state government is committed to holding the REET examination by August 2, 2020, to ensure that the vacant posts are filled. We want to ensure that the process of recruitments should be over as soon as possible,” said Govind Singh Dotasari, education minister.

Ever since the Congress government came to power in 2018, it has provided jobs to 28,600 youths in various departments. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has announced the results of various examinations conducted by the Commission for recruitment and out of this, the state government is now in the process of providing recruitment to 32,699 persons in various departments. It’s a massive exercise which has been taken on a priority basis by the Gehlot government under the ‘Varsha Ek Faisale Anek’ programme.

In recruitments for state-run colleges, over 1000 lecturers will be appointed.

“The state government is committed to improve college education and special focus has been given for women’s education by opening 50 new colleges for women,” said Bhanwar Singh Bhati, minister for college education.

The biggest announcement on medical education came when the Gehlot government announced the opening of 15 new medical colleges. This means out of the 33 districts in the state, 30 districts will now have medical colleges. The decision of opening of 15 new medical colleges came in the first year of the Gehlot government. Raghu Sharma, the health minister, claimed that no other state in the country has taken the decision to open 15 medical colleges at one go. This will pave the way for creating 950 seats for postgraduates who would now be able to pursue MD and MS courses within the state. The opening of the 15 medical colleges will ensure the creation of 1500 seats for MBSS courses in the state. Thus in the coming years, there would no dearth of doctors in the state.

“The BJP paid a heavy price for its bluffs on the job front. The BJP manifesto in 2013 promised 15 lakh jobs in five years but it could not provide them. Rajasthan Pradesh Congress chief Sachin Pilot had strategically focussed on the youth in conveying to them that the BJP government in the state failed on this front.

“The BJP government deceived the youth by giving a misleading figure relating to employment. The claims of providing over three lakh jobs were all misleading. Only 89,000 jobs had been provided against the promised magical figure of 15 lakh. With fewer investments in the state including in the mining sector, the private sector intake was negligible. Vasundhara Raje even failed to fill vacant posts. Now we are faced with the onerous task of first filling the vacant posts. But we will keep our promises,” said Sachin Pilot.

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