50 days of Demonetisation: Fatigue reflects on Social Media

Social media over the past few days reflects the fatigue people feel after 50 days of note ban. While many posts are repetitive, some still cause concern

Photo courtesy: Flickr.com
Photo courtesy: Flickr.com

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While the Government puts up a brave face and union ministers claim Demonetisation to have been an unqualified success, personal experiences of people being shared on social media call the bluff.

There are instances of digital transactions not taking place because of power failure, server errors, busy traffic and so on. There are people who claim to have seen small vendors being robbed of their money through financial wallets. And there are people who say that the exercise has spelt misery for people they know.

We share just two such experiences ahead of the Prime Minister’s much-anticipated broadcast to the nation to highlight their experience.

How safe are Debit Cards?

I just received three messages on my cell phone saying that my debit card is being used with incorrect PIN. I should have felt chastened but for the fact that I haven’t used my card anywhere for the last three days because I am up in the hills without an ATM anywhere for miles.

So obviously someone was trying to misuse the card. The last time I used it was 4 days back at a small town market where ordinarily I would have paid by cash but because of this dumbass demonetisation and less cash I used my card.

Now if I block my card I have to go back to my branch in Delhi to reopen it....and I am without money till then. Not blocking it means the thief will try again tomorrow. I am also scared of losing all my hard earned money which is all in one account.

So now I am stuck in the mountains with little cash...a journey of 500 km back to Delhi ahead of me and a blocked card. I feel like kicking the person who thought of this cashless rubbish without the infra and security in place.

Please be careful where you use your card. The bank representative just told me while cancelling my card that card details can be stored on machines if someone is really trying to commit a fraud.

A post by MD on her Facebook wall on December 30

Sports industry crippled in Meerut

I am privy to information on the sports industry in Meerut and Ludhiana, the scissors, musical instruments and handloom industries in Meerut, the locks and brass-sanitaryware industry in Aligarh, the brassware industry in Moradabad, the entire small scale industry of Jalandhar, the 8,00,000 power looms of Bhiwandi, the perfumery business of Avadh, the carpet industry of Bhadohi, which have all been hit badly by the ban on currency notes.

If the business of Visa and MasterCard in India is said to have come down from ₹50,000 crores per month to ₹20,000 crores per month, imagine the lies Mr. Jaitley and Ravi Shankar Prasad are telling us about the 'digital economy'! What has an alleged 1400% increase in UPI and PayTM accounts to do with the destruction caused in the Indian economy? A 14-time increase in digital gateway registrations is the sort of meaningless bilge that these leaders are trying to fool us with...

The long term effects of bringing over 5,000,000 families out of abject poverty all over again is going to be the collective responsibility of India…

A post by RT on his Facebook Wall on December 29

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Published: 30 Dec 2016, 2:24 PM