Death of 15 Migrants, who is responsible?

Government made no arrangements to send migrants back to their homes, the tragedy in Aurangabad is just a glimpse of the pain and agony, migrants are undergoing due to the indifference of government


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The government responsible for saving the lives of its people is becoming the reason for their death

Amid hundreds of distressing stories about the plight of stranded migrants, the country is pained with the most unfortunate one

15 migrants lost their lives after a cargo train ran over them in Maharashtra's Aurangabad.

They were sleeping on rail tracks when the accident happened, officials said, adding that driver tried to stop the train.

They were a part of 20 migrants who were walking from Jalna in Maharashtra to Bhusaval in Madhya Pradesh, 157 km apart.

"Extremely anguished" at the death of migrant workers and all possible assistance required is being provided," the Prime Minister tweeted.

PM's concern is ironic as his government has been ignoring thousands of migrant workers stranded without food, water and shelter

These migrants suddenly turned jobless, homeless were forced to walk hundreds of miles due to no arrangements made by the government

The migrants who are the backbones of our economy have been left to their fate

The loss of lives in the railway track accident shows the pain and distress of the migrants all over the country

This is not the first incident where migrants lost their lives enroute to their distant homes

Congress has been raising the issue of stranded labourers and need to make arrangements to send them home

We Should Be Ashamed": Rahul Gandhi said On Death Of Migrants

"I am stunned with the news of migrants being crushed by goods trains. We should be ashamed of the treatment being meted out to our nation builders.

I express condolences towards the families of those who have died.Wish a speedy recovery to those who have been injured," Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

After much hue and cry, government started 'shramik special' trains to send back the migrants but money was being charged by the railways

Most of the stranded workers left without money are still forced to walk long distances to reach home

In the Aurangabad incident, the migrants were sleeping on the tracks when the train hit them around 5.15 am.

The migrants were so tired of walking that they could not hear the train

The driver spotted them and tried to stop but could not, the Railways Ministry said in a statement.

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