Rahul slams government as COVID-19 single day spike touches 50,000

Rahul Gandhi has slammed govt for the rising coronavirus cases as he has been warning and suggesting about severity of the pandemic since the outbreak began but the government has been ignoring it


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India on Friday recorded 49,310 new cases of the coronavirus disease, another high after a record over 45,000 cases in a day on Thursday. According to Union health ministry data, the number of COVID-19 cases have now reached 12,87,945.

1. India on Friday recorded 49,310 new corona cases with total cases reaching 12,87,945

The cases are spiking each day with record pace. The country also recorded 740 fatalities in the last 24 hours, which pushed the death toll to 30,601, according to health ministry data.

2. The death toll rose to 30,601 according to health ministry data

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Telangana, Bihar, Assam, Delhi, Odisha, Kerala and Gujarat contribute to around 75 per cent of the record single-day spike.

3.Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh are worst hit states

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday attacked the government over the rise in  Covid-19 cases and Chinese aggression in Ladakh, saying it continues to rubbish his warnings.

4. Rahul Gandhi attacked the government over the rise in COVID-19 cases and Chinese aggression

He said even though he kept warning the government on COVID-19, "disaster" has followed.

"I kept warning them on Covid-19 and the economy. They rubbished it. Disaster followed. I keep warning them on China. They're rubbishing it," he said on Twitter

5.Rahul Gandhi said, "he kept warning the government on COVID-19 and government kept rubbishing it."

On Thursday, Gandhi released a video message wherein he said that the situation with China can be resolved only when India creates a global vision to take on the crisis.

6.Rahul Gandhi had called for a global vision to take on the crisis

“If you deal with them (China) with a position of strength, you can deal with them. It requires a vision, an international vision,” he said.

7. Rahul Gandhi said, "you can deal with China with a position of strength"

We’re fighting among ourselves, look at the politics. An Indian is fighting an Indian. This shows there is no clear cut vision going forward,” he added.

8.There is no clear cut vision going forward, said Rahul

This comes as Rahul Gandhi’s latest jibe at the Centre in his series attacks this week. Earlier this week, Rahul took to Twitter and posted that the prime minister has fabricated a fake strongman image to come to power which has now become India’s biggest weakness as he has to protect the idea of ‘Chhapan Inch’.

9. Rahul Gandhi has been critical of the government on the mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis

Rahul Gandhi was the first leader to warn the government about the danger and seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic and he also has been contributing with the experts' insight but the government is not ready to accept the suggestions

10. Government has been ignoring suggestions by the experts.

India has been pushed into the dangerously spiking pandemic due to the mismanagement and negligence of the crisis by the government

11. Mismanagement by the government has pushed India into crisis

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