10 places to visit on Valentine’s day

Love is in the air and if you want to marry someone, the ideal way to propose your special one is by going the fairytale way, by taking them to a beautiful place and saying those four magical words

10 places to visit on Valentine’s day

Karishma Kirpalani

I love exploring places, and everything special in my life, has happened in an exotic place. Five years ago, at Malibu Beach in California amidst the sound of the waves, the sunny skies, the seagulls, and the sand, my boyfriend went down on his knees and said the magic words, “Will you spend forever with me?”. At first, I was surprised and thought if it was actually happening, but then I came to my senses. Of course, today we are married for 4 years.

Though I would have loved it even more if my husband took me skydiving and proposed in the air. That would have been a dream come true.

Love is in the air, and if you want to marry someone, the ideal way to propose your special one is by going the fairytale way, by taking them to a beautiful place, going down on your knees, giving a rose and ring, and saying those four magical words, “will you marry me?”

Studies have revealed, this is a sure shot formula. It worked for me as well.

I’ve shared a list of travel experiences, where they’ve either got proposed, had romantic moments, or just felt certain places are amazing, to take your loved one.

Here are 10 such places:

Kuang Si Waterfall, Laos

“Luang Prabang is known for its French colonial architecture, Mekong river and grand temples. But there's something more to look forward for: the pristine limestone waterfalls which cascades down into crystal clear waters that are stunningly beautiful”, says Ketki Gadre a travel blogger at www.explorewithecokats.com who happened to visit the aqua coloured paradise called Kuang Si waterfalls which are naturally formed waterfalls.

There are many interesting activities to explore there. While hiking towards the three-tiered waterfall, she saw a couple happily posing (@coupletraveltheworld) and just realized that the waterfall made an amazing backdrop for a romantic proposal. Kuang Si is something straight out of a fairy tale, and the ultimate destination for a proposal.

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

“It was our longtime dream to visit Iceland for its vast contrast in nature and raw landscapes. Of all the places in Iceland, Jökulsárlón took our breaths away”, says Ashwini Neetan a travel blogger at hoppingmiles.com

It is a glacial lagoon where large blocks of ice separate from the tongue of adjoining Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. Huge chunks of ice float in the water and flow gracefully into the sea. The scene is magical to witness and romantic without a doubt. Staring at the Jökulsárlón lagoon, they held hands and stood amidst the tranquility. She broke the silence and reminded her husband of the date. It was exactly on that day, five years ago, we said yes to the match arranged by our parents. They looked at each other in the eyes and smiled. Words fell short and eyes did all the talking.

Sao Miguel, The Azores, Portugal

“If you are looking for a romantic destination for popping the question or simply for celebrating romance with your partner, then Sao Miguel should be on your radar”, says Deeptha a travel blogger at theglobetrotter.co.uk

The largest island in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, Sao Miguel is gaining popularity for its stunning natural landscapes. The island's diverse and jaw-dropping natural beauty makes it a wonderful romantic hideaway to whisk away your partner too.

This island has a lot to offer to its visitors. One could just savour the beauty of the monuments that tells you stories of history, go hiking along the coastline which boasts of stunning scenery, explore the hidden beaches and meet the creatures hidden out there, indulge in adventurous activities to give yourself an adrenaline rush(snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, whale watching) or simply enjoy a romantic stroll along one of Sao Miguel's many beautiful beaches and make your partner feel special. The island also has many vantage points from where you can watch the sun set behind the hills. So many romantic things that couples could do together! And no matter what you decide to do, the island offers an intimate chance to reconnect with nature and your partner making it an unforgettable romantic holiday!


“February is a very special month for us. For one, we celebrate Valentine’s Day and other we also celebrate our Wedding Anniversary”, says Shreya a travel blogger at thetropicalmoon.com

Last year they celebrated both these occasions in an absolutely gorgeous ocean villa with a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. The crystal-clear blue lagoon waters display an exotic show of fishes leaping out of the sea. The deck’s stairway leads you directly to the ocean for snorkeling. Maldives is undoubtedly the most romantic place on Earth. The secluded outdoor Jacuzzi with bubble-bath was the highlight of our trip. Resorts also provide private candle light dinners with international lip-smacking cuisines. You can simply enjoy a relaxing spa with your partner which is the ultimate way to unwind and tap into the island mode. There is no denying that this tropical paradise is the perfect place to celebrate love and relationship.

Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

“What is more romantic and ideal place to propose a girl/guy for marriage than a place where nature itself believes in love? Yes, Heart Reef is one such natural reef where nature proved its romantic side and gave the World a Reef in the shape of a heart”, says Raksha Prasad a travel blogger at solopassport.com

A part of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland state of Australia, Heart Reef was discovered in the year of 1975. The only way to explore this beautiful reef is by taking a sea plane or a helicopter to the Reef.

A romantic proposal on this sea plane is surely going to make the moment extraordinarily beautiful and memorable. The views are magnificent. It will be an occasion to remember. We can definitely vouch for the sure shot yes as an answer for the proposal if there is Heart Reef, a ring, some chocolates, a bit of wine and lots of love.

Atcama Desert, Chile

“While we strolled hand in hand next to the emerald lagoons, wandered through the cavernous moon valley which glittered with salt, gazed at the icy volcanoes standing tall, and ran behind the vicunas and the llamas who grazed freely in the lush pastures, my heart beat faster every time you looked at me”, says Priyanka Gupta a travel blogger at onmycanvas.com

Little did her boyfriend know, that she was going to ask him the question that night, not with a diamond in hand but under a sky full of sparkling diamonds. And when she did, he smiled, almost cried, and lifted her up from the lap of the desert and into his arms.

The full moon was staring at both of them when they talked about their lives together for the rest of a lifetime.

Juizhaingou National Park, China

“If you are looking for a perfectly charming destination to pop the question this year, the Juizhaingou National Park is just picture perfect”, says Soumya Gayatri a travel blogger at storiesbysoumya.com

Blessed with a plethora of natural beauty, clear alpine lakes, sparkling waterfalls, and snow - capped mountains, Juizhaingou National Park has all the reasons to take your breath away. It exudes a romantic aura because of its unique landscape and vivid interplay of colours across seasons. While summer refreshes with shades of blue and green, fall is vibrant with red and yellow and winter is tranquil with white and sapphire. It is believed that the creation of this place happened when an angel accidentally dropped her mirror from the sky. The pieces of glass turned into glistening lakes as they touched the surface. Walking hand in hand with your loved one, while the sun plays hide and seek with the emerald water makes for a perfect proposal.

Bagan, Myanmar

“In the chaos and crowd of the modern world, if you are struggling to find a tranquil escape with your lover, Myanmar's temple town Bagan is your definite getaway”, says Madhurima Chakraborty a travel blogger at orangewayfarer.com

The old-world charm is evident in the romance of wishing trees, chirping birds, magnificent sunrise and sunset skies. A peaceful life unfolds in hasty footsteps of monks in maroon and nuns in pink and saffron robe early morning as we scooted around the old town chasing a perfect sunrise spot!

Situated by the banks of River Irawardi, Bagan is a dry arid land where dusty trails often lead to nowhere. Roads cease amid the bushes on the other side of which stands one of the many old temples, now maintained by the local families. Hidden staircases will allow you to climb atop some of the old architectures. Historically, oil lamps were lit on the temple roof to bid adieu to the setting sun and perform rituals.

Bagan is the idyllic lover's paradise.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

“The fairy-tale postcard church on an islet on the bluish-green lake Bled and a medieval castle perched on the rocky cliff on the other side along with the backdrop of some of the highest peaks of the Julian Als and the Karavanke is simple a dreamy beauty to behold”, says Kunjal Karaniya a travel blogger at unpluggedmoments.in

Bled is Slovenia’s popular romantic destination, attracting honeymooners and hikers as well.

She and her husband visited this beauty in October to enjoy the autumn colours and fall season. Celebrating their 15 years of love, they strolled along the lake soaking-in the cold winds and the dreamy views. It was the perfect way to rekindle the same old romance.

Astronomical Clock, Prague

The Astronomical Clock:

“You can take your girlfriend on a horse carriage ride from your hotel to Old Town Square. Wait for the clock to strike hour. And when everyone is experiencing the chiming clock show, go down on one knee and propose”, says Jyoti Patil an avid traveler.

The Astronomical clock in Prague comes from the medieval times and is the oldest clock in the world that is still operating. Located in the Old Town Square, this clock sees hundreds of people gather here every hour, just to witness the enchanting experience of the chimes and the moving figures.

The clock endures 12 Apostles and the sculptures of these can be seen moving. The upper part has two windows and as the clock strikes every hour, there are moving figures carrying an hourglass and a mirror; that personifies death and vanity respectively.

As beautiful as this clock looks from the outside, it is mechanically crafted to tell the day, week & hour. It is also the last clock to record the various European time zones, position of the celestial bodies on it and the current zodiac sign.

Every place of the world is beautiful to romanticise, to travel, explore, live and love.

(Karishma Kirpalani is a travel and food blogger at @globejamun)

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