August 9: Know the events that happened on this day and changed the world forever

August 9 of the Gregorian calendar has witnessed various incidents which changed the political as well as geographical scenarios around the world. These events are still influencing the world today

Photo courtesy: social media 
Photo courtesy: social media

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August 9 seems to be an interesting date in the Gregorian calendar. Right from Caesar to the Nagasaki bombing to Singapore independence, all took place on August 9 in various years. Here are some interesting and important incidents that occured on this date across the world:

  • In 48 BC Julius Caesar won the Caesar’s Civil War in the Battle of Pharsalus after defeating Pompeyon August 9. This was the last politco-military conflict in the Roman Republic before Roman Empire was established. Caesar was assassinated 4 years later resulting in the birth of the Roman Empire.
  • In 1173, construction of the bell tower for the Cathedral of Pisa began on August 9. It took almost two centuries to complete the construction. The Cathedral of Pisa is now as the Leaning Tower of Pisa because it leans on four degree angle because of a weak foundation.

  • In 1925, the HSRA robbed a train carrying British treasury at Kakori on August 9. Several revolutionaries were involved in the robbery such as Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru etc. This robbery help the revolutionary group to buy arms and ammunition for an armed revolution in India.
  • In 1941, the then US President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met to sign the Atlantic Charter on this date. Even though US was still neutral in the conflict, this agreement gave Britain a logistical and a diplomatic support in the war.

  • In 1945, the second atom bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki on August 9, killing thousands and finally making Japan surrender. Japan officially surrendered a few days later, marking the end of World War 2.
  • On the same day, the Red Army invades Japanese-occupied Manchuria. Russia was the last allied country to declare war on Japan. Russia and Japan are technically still in war as no peace treaty was ever signed.
  • In 1965, Singapore gained independence from Malaysia and became the Republic of Singapore. The reason for the separation was differences in the political and economic differences between Singapore and Malaysia which lead to racial discrimination and riots in the country. Lee Kuan Yew became the first Prime Minister of Singapore. His efforts ensured that Singapore overcome various issues which were blocking the progress of the country.

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