Iranians queueing up for Amirkhani’s new book raises hope for book lovers

It’s often said that people have stopped reading and there are only a few readers of good literature left. But a photo from Iran has shattered this presumption

Photo courtesy: social media

Rohit Prakash

Time has changed. Our daily routine forces us to think that and in this frenzy of day-to-day life, some of the most wonderful images of the past start fading into mere sad memories. And then suddenly flashes an image or an incident which fills us with a new ray of hope. Although it seldom happens when an old time ritual or an old habit, which is declared as extinct, comes afresh in front of our eyes.

Today, it is said very often that people have stopped reading and in this shrinking country of the fast expanding world, there are only few readers of good literature left. But a photo from middle east country Iran has not only shattered this presumption but has also generated a fresh flow of inspiration in the bones of our curiosity.

Photo courtesy: social media
Photo courtesy: social media
Iranian author Reza Amirkhani

Long queues of people were seen in Iran’s capital Tehran to buy a copy of Iranian writer Reza Amirkhani new novel ‘Re He Sheen’. It is a novel based on urban life with a couple in the centre of its theme. The impact of urban city on the life of this couple is unfolded layer by layer. Reza Amirkhani has released around 11 books, including novels and short story collections. ‘His Ego’ and ‘Homelandless’ are his most talked-about novels and have been translated into many languages. His writings basically revolve around the contradictions inherent in the urban surroundings. These contradictions acquire altogether a new dimension when touched with his distinct style and vision.

Such apparently small incidents represent something profound about the civilisation of a country. Even otherwise, Iran’s cultural sophistication is irrefutable in the entire region.

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