National Capital Region now has its own Fly Dining facility

Just close your eyes and try to imagine a romantic date at a dizzying height of 160 feet! Well, it is no longer a far fetched reality and you don’t have to worry about the vertiginous climb

Fly Dining resturant 
Fly Dining resturant

Murtaza Ali Khan

Just close your eyes and try and imagine the most romantic date at a dizzying height of 160 feet. Well, don’t worry, it is no longer a far fetched reality and you don’t have to worry about the vertiginous climb. Courtesy Fly Dining, you can now experience it in your own backyard and it is as safe as it can get. So get ready to be up in the air with the bird’s eye view of your city with food, drinks, music, fireworks and everything that you can imagine to make it an unforgettable experience. You no longer have to travel half way across the world to experience something so unique. The world class dining experience is made possibly using the state of the art technology that employs a high-grade metal platform and aircraft standard seats and belts to ensure the safety of the highest order. India’s very first “Fly Dining” restaurant was inaugurated in Bangalore last year and now the breathtaking experience now comes to Noida.

The Noida facility has recently been opened at Gardens Galleria Mall. “I had to shell out an exorbitant amount of money to experience it and that’s when I first thought of bringing it to India. The idea was to make it as affordable as possible. When I learnt about Fly Dining Bangalore I contacted them. It took about six months to set the things rolling here in Noida,” reveals Nikhil Kumar, the managing director of Fly Dining Noida, who first experienced the concept in Dubai. Kumar is chuffed by the ever increasing footfall not just during the weekends but also in the weekdays.

Fly Dining resturant 
Fly Dining resturant 
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The entire equipment and setup for the Noida branch has been sourced from the Bengaluru-based adventure sports company named Jumpking India. Since it follows the safety standards approved by German engineers and safety experts it is fully in compliance with the international safety norms. As part of the dining experience you will be served a 5 course vegetarian menu with mocktails. Everyday there are four sessions with each lasting for 40 minutes during which the guests stay in the air. The setup presently accommodates 24 guests, each safely bucked to their respective seats, in addition to the chefs and a photographer who have special safety harnesses that allow them to move around. Once at its full height, the entire deck rotates 360 degrees providing a breathtaking view of the surrounding vistas. The patrons can also rotate their chairs 90 degrees towards their left or right and can also recline their chairs.

“If required we can bring the entire deck down within a few seconds. So there is nothing to worry about in case anyone experiences difficulty in midair. We are fully equipped to provide a safe, enjoyable, and, most importantly, a memorable experience to our guests. We also allow kids above 12 years,” reveals Kumar.

All you need to do in order to book your Fly Dining berth is to visit the Fly Dining website. The facility is available every evening from 6 PM to 11 PM and so you can choose a slot of your convenience. The Gardens Galleria Mall is situated near the Noida Sector 18 Metro Station which is situated on the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro. The station is now connected also to the Magenta Line through the transit at the Botanical Garden Metro Station.

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