Be patient, remain positive: Mental health experts to students who missed CUET exam

Academic experts maintained that the University Grants Commission (UGC) should not have rushed into implementing the CUET without adequate preparation.

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Mental health experts have advised students, who missed their Common University Entrance Test exam on Friday owing to last minute changes of examination centres, to remain positive and patient.

Academic experts, meanwhile, maintained that the University Grants Commission (UGC) should not have rushed into implementing the CUET without adequate preparation.

A last-minute change of exam centre forced many candidates to miss the debut edition of the CUET which began on Friday in 510 cities across in India and abroad.

Those who appeared for the exam at several centres in Delhi said the questions were not difficult but the paper was a bit lengthy.

Dr Samir Parikh, Director, Fortis National Mental Health Programme said there are two aspects to the issue -- first that this is the first time CUET is being conducted which can lead to huge pressure while there is the second aspect of focussing on things that are in control.

"Things like exam centre and dates are beyond your control but your preparation, your positivity, your mental frame are under your control.

"There must be other provisions for those who missed their exams and they should remain positive and be willing to seek help. Do not get worried about what happened. Accept it and move forward," he said.

Dr Deepika Srivatava, a Delhi-based clinical psychologist, said students should speak to their parents about it and focus on secondary goals.

"There would have been a number of students who would have missed the exam so students can have a meeting with their friends and talk about what they are going through. This venting out session will help them.

"During this time, parents have to be supportive because students need to be consoled at this point. They can also speak to their friends and teachers and involve themselves in recreational activities which would divert their attention," she added.

She also advised students to pen their thoughts in a journal to release their stress, which is also triggered due to the muggy weather.

Abha Dev Habib, who teaches at Delhi University's Miranda House, said the UGC could have waited a year before rushing into implementing CUET.

"This batch of students has gone through a lot in their academic years. They have given exams in the MCQ format and got to know that they will have to appear for CUET for admission to central universities.

"The UGC should not have rushed into it and treated students as lab rats. If this is the faux pas on the first day, I would suggest that they should go back to Class 12 marks for admission and plug all the loopholes before implementing CUET," she added.

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