Adah Sharma: If you work hard and shine bright then you will be picked over nepotism

Bubbly and witty young actress Adah Sharma finds herself closes to the character she has played in web series ‘Holiday’

Photo courtesy- Twitter/@ActressHQGIF
Photo courtesy- Twitter/@ActressHQGIF

Kumar Raviraj Sinha

Actress Adah Sharma, who gained appreciation with her debut lead role in a Vikram Bhatt horror flick 1920 has worked in many Hindi and Telugu movies. Right since her debut, she has been mostly lauded for her acting prowess. Even in a supporting role in ‘Hasee toh Phasee’ she was appreciated by audience and critics alike. Here she opens up about her future projects and nepotism in the film industry.

If you were not an actor what you aspire to be?

I would be a farmer or perhaps join circus.

On screen, you look quite glamorous in all the characters you have played so far. Which character of yours you would like to live as a person off screen?

On screen I started with 1920 ...I’m not like that in real life...the closest character to myself I’ve played is in my web series ‘The Holiday’ . Mehek is very similar to me...outward and inward both.

You have done movies in different languages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of knowing multiple languages?

The advantages are, you don’t waste time on the set and can give good expressions as you are not worried about the dialogue.

I can’t think of any disadvantages of knowing multiple languages! Maybe, finding it hard to pick your favourite language-that may be a disadvantage.

How do you think that you are different from other actresses of your generation?

I think I have a unique brand of madness!

What are the projects you are presently working on?

Currently sitting at home because of the lockdown... I shot for a commercial three days ago for a coffee brand that I’m endorsing.

When shooting begins then I have ‘Commando 4’ , ‘The Holiday Season 2’, an international action project , and two Telugu films lined up..these all have been announced and there’s more stuff too

Debate over nepotism in Bollywood has taken a serious turn. What’s your take on this? Did you have to deal with this too?

I did a Ted talk recently and I spoke at length about nepotism to all the boys and girls who want to be actors... Does nepotism exist ? On a superficial level, yes it does. But on a deeper level people like me have made it.

We may not get 23 chances. We might get just one.. but if you work hard and shine bright then they cannot help but notice you. Then there are all possibilities that you will be picked over nepotism.

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