Adhyayan Suman reacts to his suicide report

Adhyayan’s parents were traumatized, and Adhyayan won’t take that lying down

Adhyayan Suman
Adhyayan Suman

Subhash K Jha

Imagine waking up to the “news” that  you have killed yourself!  Actor Adhyayan Suman had to go through  this horror-comedy when on Saturday the online edition of a news channel declared that he had committed suicide .

Reacting to the outrageous fake news Adhyayan says, “What can I say?  This is  not the first time it has happened  to me. Earlier some sections tried to finish off my  career  and  I survived, much to their dismay. But this time  it was  far more serious.”

Adhyayan’s parents  were traumatized, and Adhyayan  won’t take that  lying down.  “I  can’t laugh it off. It devastated my mother who has already lost a child and knows the pain.”

Adhyayan’s father Shekhar Suman is  taking the strongest legal action against the offending channel and  the son is all for it.  “Of course I am with my father on this.They apologized. But a simple sorry can’t undo the damage  done.  You can’t give me one  line  as an apology and think you can get away with it.”

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