'Aisa Waisa Pyaar': Exploring love through lives of people from different walks of life

The pros of 'Aisa Waisa Pyar' outweigh the cons easily, making the experience of watching it an engaging affair. Check it out regardless of whether or not you are in love


Biswadeep Ghosh

Binge-watching Aisa Waisa Pyaar (AWP) streaming on Eros Now is neither a tribute to its quality, nor is it an instance of the persistence of the viewer, who probably has a lot of free time. The series, written and directed by Ashiish V Patil, has four episodes, each hovering around the 20-minute mark. So, the average viewer will finish the entire series at one go anyway.

AWP consists of four stories that explore love through the lives of characters from different walks of life. In Pyaar, Dosti aur Jimmy Paaji, the two main characters (played by Ahsaas Channa and Prit Kamani) indulge in online interaction every day.

If the boy talks about his upcoming date, so does the girl. The boy tells the girl how to conduct herself during a date to express her degree of seriousness, and the latter makes sure she shows him what she has dressed up in before meeting her man for the night.

There are many references to Jimmy Shergill, who has played a few characters that get friend-zoned in their respective films. Although the story about whether or not a boy and girl can be friends and just that stems from a hackneyed idea, the treatment is fresh while both Channa and Kamani are spontaneous in their roles.

Life is a Bitch is about a lonely urban professional (Adah Sharma) who has lost her life partner three years earlier. The girl leads a dull life, eating dinner while watching wildlife shows at home. She hasn’t been able to erase the impact of the tragedy from her mind, which she must.

That happens after she rescues a stray dog that has crackers tied to its tail. She brings it home and, before long, her life changes. The dog and its pet parent enjoy a fun-filled life, the vacuum in their lives having disappeared before something even better comes their way.

The best performances (Rajit Kapur and Sheeba Chaddha) of the series are the highlights of SRK Waala Pyaar. The duo plays an elderly couple. Chadha’s character suffers from Alzheimer’s, and she forgets people around her from time to time. That includes her husband, who takes great pleasure in imitating Shah Rukh Khan.

The woman, however, never forgets a friend from her young days. Her husband does what he can to track him down and give her a few moments of joy. Both Kapur and Chadha are impressive, with the former making a serious impact as the doting husband with unconditional love for his ailing wife.

Saqib Saleem is a gifted actor with a weak role in Pyaar, Picture aur Popcorn. The story is about a couple (Saleem and Nidhi Singh) who sit and indulge in a quarrel inside a cinema hall, disturbing others. The message here is that two people can be in love despite all sorts of differences, a meaningful idea ruined by a bad story.

The pros of AWP outweigh the cons easily, making the experience of watching it an engaging affair. Check it out regardless of whether or not you are in love.

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