Chill Kangy, remember, success is the best revenge!

Kangana Ranaut ko gussa kyoon aata hai? Why does she continue to play Agent Provocateur? Monojit Lahiri does a checkout

Chill Kangy, remember, success is the best revenge!

Monojit Lahiri

First thing first. Kangana Ranaut’s tumultuous, event filled and controversy-ridden journey from nowhere-land to centre-stage is well known to all Bollywood junkies. Her baptism by fire, forever confronting overwhelming odds, struggling for a toehold in a non-level playing field dominated by an incestuous inner circle where trespassers will be prosecuted. Her being ignored by all major banners, exploited in abusive personal relationships, mocked and ridiculed by the high n’ mighty. And then how this plain, non-glam, pahadi outsider with little knowledge and lesser connect with smart repartees & flavour-of-the-day quotes managed to overcome all these obstacles to garner attention, earn respect, attract a large fan-base and demand big-ticket fees [films/endorsements/appearances] by hitting the SUCCESS button real hard & real frequently!

At another level, Ranaut is the only actress in Bollywood history who – as a nothing from nowhere – waited her turn to take on the might of the establishment and force them to eat humble pie! Be it Karan Johar, Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Pancholi ... she went after them with guns blazing, marking a watershed moment in this newly scripted story where Goliath is the mouse that roars! Today, no one dare take panga with her openly because she will strike back real hard without giving a crap for reputation. Secure in her space, assured of a large fan-following and basking in the glow of her new friend & well-deserved fame & success, why is she forever spoiling for a fight? Seeking reactions & responses to provocative – and uncalled for – statements targeting stars who have nothing to do with her – Alia Bhatt, Tapsee Pannu and the latest, Deepika Padukone.

Recently she was again in the news clashing with a journo, sparking off a boycott which her Producer Ekta Kapoor settled by apologising on her behalf. What’s her problem ... Payback time? Anti-criticism of any kind? Or has success gone to her head?

Delhi-based Arnab Banerjee is first off the block. The Content writer believes that “Success and popularity seems to have definitely gone to her head! Once ignored, dismissed, mocked & ridiculed, I guess this new phase marks a Payback time and she’s doing so with a vengeance! Also, supported by a lobby of influential people, she appears all charged up. Fine, but why needle stars who are totally non-controversial and have nothing to do with her? Why get hyper and rude with journos where a diplomatic answer would work? Why is she still hell bent on playing the victim card instead of her WINNER one? Wouldn’t it be so much smarter to categorically state that she’s risen above the trials & tribulations of the past and is now the confident & self-assured author of her future?”

20 year old, Simla-based fan Simran Kapuria is thrilled at Kangy’s kick-ass response to the bullies of Tinsel town! “Wow – boss, she is today’s female ANGRY YOUNG WOMAN, taking on the establishment single-handed and forcing them to eat crow! Why should she cool it and turn refined & sweet? Let her thrust the knife deep and keep turning, every turn reminding them of all the humiliation & insults poured on a vulnerable & helpless young actor, not so long ago ...”

Behavorial Scientist and keen Bollywood-watcher wraps up the discourse, in style. The Kolkata-based, Sanjoy Sen believes that the journey & persona of Kangana Ranaut is bound to attract reactions of an extreme nature, with poor thing and sock it to ‘em coming upfront. To a 20 year old, the image of Ranaut as a fearless fighter is likely to be heavy on romanticism & heroism and her reactions are understandable. “However, when seen in perspective, her course of action seems silly and childish. It is possible that because of the massive media coverage she has enjoyed in recent times – mostly through controversies – plus her new-found fame and popularity, she is getting a bit carried away.

Her statements, snide comments & remarks against stars [who have nothing to do with her and refuse to retaliate] at best attracts curiosity but nothing more ... If she continues in this fashion, very soon people will stop taking her seriously and figure that her comments are designed to create a buzz & controversy [pre-release dramabazi?] and thus put her in the news. My advice is: Strengthen your brand. Concentrate on your performance. Keep excelling. You have such an amazing body of work ... be it Gangster, Fashion, Life in a Metro, Queen, the 2 Tanu weds Manu, even the more recent Manikarnika and now Judgemental Kya where your edgy performance is outstanding”.

Sen is right. Forget the Hate Story & Panga. Chill! Remember, Success is always the best revenge!

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