Corona confinement: How Taapsee Pannu is coping with it

In this arena of corona panic, here is what Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu have to say about the coronavirus confinement

Taapsee Pannu (Photo Courtesy: Twitter)
Taapsee Pannu (Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

Subhash K Jha

How is the lockdown treating you?

I am actually fine. Have found multiple things to do at home. Have made kind of a timetable to keep myself occupied and to feel as though I am at work.

Is this a time of introspection and movie-binging for you?

Introspection never left my life but yes, movie binging is added to my schedule. I am catching up on all the films that I was planning to see for months. I basically want to finish the releases of 2019 I didn’t watch.

Are you leading a self-disciplined work-regulated life at home?

Yes. I am reading pending scripts, brushing up my Tamil and Telugu skills , learning something new all the time.

Do you find yourself eating and sleeping more than you would have otherwise?

More of sleeping yes, but not eating more. I am eating the same.

Thappad is the last film that got away from the virus how do you feel about that?

Actually not fully. It would’ve run even longer and better had Corona not been there. Because the target audience of Thappad was the ones who started taking precautions against the virus first.

Which is likely to be your next release?

Haseen dilruba. Only 10 days of shooting is left for that.

Your advice to your fans and followers on how to cope with the crisis?

Make a timetable, lead as disciplined a life at home as you would at your workplace. Because then work-obsessed people like me can definitely be at peace.

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