‘Ctrl Alt Cinema’: A creative window to the world of cinema

‘Ctrl Alt Cinema’ is a group of professionals from the world of cinema whose aim is to share their creative experiences

‘Ctrl Alt Cinema’: A creative window to the world of cinema

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The world of cinema is alway seen through a shimmering veil of glamour. There are many training schools, degrees and fellowships enticing you to know more about it so that you can either join it as a profession or remain connected to this world through other professions in the entertainment industry. Almost everything is now weighed in commercial terms or in terms of how it will ‘benefit’ us professionally/commercially. But well, not everything.

There are still some who are more interested in the creative aspect of this intricate profession; who want to share that creative pleasure that they have experienced. ‘Ctrl Alt Cinema’ is an initiative by some of these people.

Ctrl Alt Cinema, is an initiative started by Meghna Kothari. It is an 18 day course centred around the art of cinema and is meant for aspiring filmmakers. They are based in ‘Kaladham’, a sprawling space created for a community of National Award winning artists in Greater Noida.

It is now in its third year and has participants coming from all parts of India. It is a completely different kind of education, which is rather a shared experience in the world of visual creativity.

The faculty comprises of a group of people with a wealth of experience in filmmaking and teaching cinema. The allure to the course is in the prospect of directly engaging with and receiving guidance from the best in the entertainment industry. The course aims at purposefully guiding it’s students in the art of filmmaking and cinema.

There is another aspect of the course which makes it one of a kind and that is its reasonable price tag. The course is offered at a price that students are able to afford. It is also residential programme, which makes for a better learning experience.

‘Ctrl Alt Cinema’: A creative window to the world of cinema
‘Ctrl Alt Cinema’: A creative window to the world of cinema

They run a course for a school community at Shiv Nadar School, Noida. Students find the practical aspects of the course particularly rewarding: instead of a certificate, they had a film to show for their efforts!

The teachers or shall we say professionals are themselves closely related to film world, and are eager to share their experiences. These include:

Sudeep Chatterjee (renowned director of photography, for films such as Padmaavat, Bajirao Mastani, Chak de India and Dhoom 3).

Anjum Rajabali (veteran screenwriter of films like Ghulam, Raajneeti, Legend of Bhagat Singh, Drohkaal).

Amitabh Chakraborty (distinguished editor/director of films such as Cosmic Sex, Kaal Abhirati, and Bishar Blues).

Asheesh Pandya (brilliant sound designer of films like Natak Jaari Hai; The Play Goes On and The Performance).

Ranbir Kaleka (internationally well known artist – special session – The Moving Image; New Media and Art).

Sandeep Chatterjee (Director of Sundar Jeebon, Raat Koto Holo) is the course curator.

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