Darshan Raval dedicates his new song to his ‘Blue family’

The singer says that his fans are the reason he came up with 'Jannat Ve', and the story of the song revolves around his love for his fans as well

Darshan Raval's latest song, Jannat Ve, released on July 27
Darshan Raval's latest song, Jannat Ve, released on July 27

Garima Sadhwani

With singer and composer Darshan Raval’s latest song Jannat Ve finally out for the public, he has been receiving immense love from his fans worldwide.

Raval says that this song is a special dedication to his “Blue family”, that is, his fans. “My fans always tell me that they’re proud of me, but it’s their constant love and support that motivates me every day to be where I am, and to work harder each day,” he says. Raval adds that is the reason this song came to be, and the story of the song revolves around his love for his fans as well.

The singer notes that this is the seventh consecutive year that he’s come out with a monsoon song. He says that monsoon happens to be the season when he is at his creative best, and to his happy surprise, people have also loved his ‘monsoon melodies’. He quips, “Last year, I came out with a sad song, so this year, I’ve made a very happy and passionate song.”

However, as much as he loved working on the song, Raval says that shooting in the middle of a pandemic came with its own set of challenges. The crew faced difficulty acquiring permissions in the lockdown, and there were restrictions on the number of people allowed on sets. He says, “Shooting a large scale music video in limited time with limited people around was a challenge, but we are entertainers, and we have to keep entertaining people no matter what.”

But despite the many problems, Raval says that he loved the process of shooting the music video. He says that the journey from ground zero to when the song is finally released, is a whole experience, and also his favourite thing about independent music, because he gets to be there for all of it. “It’s like having a baby, and then sending it out to the world,” says Raval.

And though it might be a little bit biased because it is his own ‘baby’, Raval says that his favourite parts in the song are the band sequence and the car sequence, which he has adapted in his own style.

Raval also says that now that he is nearing a whole decade in the music industry, he can’t help but feel grateful to be doing what he loves. “It’s been a beautiful journey with lots of ups and downs, and many struggles. But I’ve had constant support, and that’s made me a better musician, and allowed me to enjoy every bit of my journey.”

Raval is currently working on a song for a film, which he says should be out in two weeks time. He’s also composing independent music, and will be singing for a Bollywood movie soon.

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