Decoding the phenomenal success of ‘Avengers: Endgame’     

Though it probably is the most successful film of all times but Bollywood should not attempt to mimic Marvel Studios films. Super-heroes are not Bollywood’s cup of tea

Decoding the phenomenal success of ‘Avengers: Endgame’     

Subhash K Jha

Is it the most successful film of all times? Yes, probably. Even Akshay Kumar thinks it’s out of the world. So, who are we, ordinary mortals, to question its credibility?

Should Bollywood feel threatened by the unprecedented success of Avengers: Endgame? Not in the least. First of all, lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. What we are looking at is once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, not the beginning of the end, for Iron Man’s sake!

Avengers: Endgame is a seriously stylised but inherently vacuous send-off to a slew of superheroes that generations have grown up with. The audience we see flocking to the theatres all across the world consists of two kinds of people: the ones who are genuinely addicted to this Marvel of nature. And the ones who like to be seen at the right place.

Let’s face it. Many of those posting selfies from movie theatres bragging about acquiring tickets are there because they think they should be there. They give a hoot about the future of the universe.

No, I am not trying to run down the Avengers (so please, don’t track me down to my home to kill me). Success of this volume cannot be questioned. But to write an epitaph for Indian cinema (message on the epitaph: ABB TERA KYA HOGA, KALIA) after Avengers is like saying Ishaan Khattar will wipe out the Khans, Kumars, Singhs, Dhawans and Kapoors.

Now that the Avengers have saved the universe from destruction, how do we save Bollywood from self-destruction? Firstly, stop paying a handful of stars money that amounts to 75 per cent of a film’s budget. You are not only spoiling them (the stars) but the entire economics of filmmaking. When will you learn that it’s the script that counts, not the stars. When would you stop making Kalank and start thinking of making more films like Uri and Stree? Then we can finally pat each other on our backs and say ‘Badhaai Ho’.

Meanwhile, there is the next Shah Rukh/Salman/Akshay starrer which will work only if the writers put their heart into it.

And please, please don’t try making super-hero films in Bollywood. It’s like Abhishek Varman doing a Bhansali in Kalank when Bhansali is very much around. When we have Wonder Woman and Avengers, why would anyone want to sit through Tiger Shroff or Diljit Dosanjh playing a super-hero in A Flying Jatt and Super Singh? Or Shah Rukh Khan doing a Ra.One? Wait, it gets even worse. How about Navin Nischol as Zorro (1975) or P Jairaj as Superman (1960)?

These cringeworthy attempts to mimic Marvel must end. Make movies that are about real life heroes. Super-heroes are not Bollywood’s cup of tea.

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