Disha Patani on her life after lockdown

Spend time with yourself. You will never get this time back, advises Disha Patani on how to cope up with lockdown

Disha Patani (Social Media)
Disha Patani (Social Media)

Subhash K Jha

How are you spending your time?

I keep myself as busy as possible. I try to work out morning and evening, sticking to my regular schedule as on a normal day. I watch a lot of youtube videos whenever possible and also spend a lot of time with my pets, at home.

Are you working and working out from home?

Yes, I am working out from home. I do cardio in the morning, as I have a treadmill at home so making the most of it, followed by weight training in the evening. I have some weights at home which are manageable, to perform some form of weight training exercises.

Is this time of introspection and movie binging for you?

I have not really introspected or thought a lot about life. I am just enjoying all this time to myself. I am spending a lot of time with my pets which I otherwise don’t get to, due to hectic shoot schedules. I am trying to clean as much as I can and involve myself with some cooking whenever possible. As far as movies are concerned, I’ve not really been binge watching anything as such, but I do watch movies sometimes.

Your advice to your fans and followers on how to cope with the crisis?

I would say, spend time with your family , your loved ones and more importantly, spend time with yourself. You will never get this time back. This is the only time, when all you need to think about is, your health and safety. So, utilize and invest this time, in doing things that you love and have always craved for. Keep your mind occupied and try to keep yourself busy.

Do you find yourself eating sleeping more than you would have otherwise?

Yes, I am trying to sleep as much as I can, because during my regular schedule, especially during shoot days which are always hectic, I don’t get to sleep enough. I make an effort to not eat too much junk and stick to a healthy diet, on a regular basis. But of course, once in a while I do treat myself, with a little bit of chocolate.

You were seen with Tiger in Baaghi 3 fora dance. When do we see you back with him on screen?

Hopefully yes, if there is an interesting script that comes our way in the future.

You are also working with Salman Khan.How is that experience?

Working with Salman has been an experience in itself and the journey has been very exciting. He inspires me everyday on set and I am very grateful to work with the superstar of our country.

2019-20 is a time of exceptional growth for you. How did you manage to move from level 1 to 3 so effortlessly?

I feel, determination and drive are two things that keep you going. I started as an outsider who walked her own path and now,it feels amazing to see how much love has come my way. One needs to strive for the best and each project that I have been a part of, has uplifted me as an artist. Malang, being the most recent one that brought immense love and appreciation to me. This only makes me bring the best to my fans and justify their faith in me with my work.

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