Every moron with a phone has an opinion to give: Farah Khan slams trollers on Arbaaz Khan's 'Pinch'

In the latest episode of Pinch, Farah Khan showed her distaste towards celebrities who were posting videos of household chores on social media during the lockdown

Every moron with a phone has an opinion to give: Farah Khan slams trollers on Arbaaz Khan's 'Pinch'


Choreographer-director Farah Khan poured her heart out in QuPlay's Pinch and she opened up about many things. In this episode, Farah Khan expressed her dislike towards celebrities who were posting household chores videos on social media during the lockdown.

"Every day I was getting up and was affected with the exit of migrant workers. I was seeing these posts were coming (and I thought) what bubble are they living in? I discussed this with my friends and pointed out that it looks insensitive in such times." Khan continued, "Already people don't take us seriously and we're looking very insensitive with such posts. It's better if we do something for them, even my daughter was feeding stray dogs, and helping in slums... and here we're putting up dish-washing videos... what's so great about it? It's so shameful if you don't know how to wash dishes.

Farah also attacked naysayers who mock her filmmaking, "Every moron with a phone has an opinion to give you." She further warned trollers not to teach her filmmaking, "You will teach me how to make a film? Even if I show you a film, you won't be able to understand it. So, you don't give me an opinion on how to work on my craft."

Farah recently hosted a welcome party for the celebrated singer Ed Sheeran. However, she and other guests were trolled for posing with him. Khan replied to such trolls by saying, "I think these trollers are just jealous, Ed had a wonderful time, and even on the next day he called me and sent me passes for his concert, but I distributed them ahead, as I have no idea about his songs."

Before the party, Farah had no clue about her guest, Sheeran, "My cousin who works as a lawyer in a music company told me that Ed wants to come to India and wants to experience a Bollywood party. I swear on my children, I had no idea, who Ed Sheeran is. I thought he would be my cousin's friend, but my cousin and aunt asked me to host a party for him. Then I called Abhishek (Bachchan) and asked about him, he told me that he is the number 1 singer. We started as a small party, but I didn't realize that Ed is so famous, as everyone started calling me that they want to attend the party. So it turned out to be a big bash.

The host Arbaaz Khan also faces the mean comments on social media and Farah during the conversation confronted him with such comments in her witty manner.

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