‘Exposure as a child actor helped me a lot’ says Ahsaas Channa 

Ahsaas Channa has established herself as a popular face thanks to her performances in web series like Kota Factory. Ahsaas traces her journey as a child actor in bollywood movies to a web series star

Photo Courtesy: Social media
Photo Courtesy: Social media

Murtaza Ali Khan

Ahsaas Channa has emerged as one of the most popular faces working on the web right now thanks to her gripping performances in TVF shows like Girls Hostel and Kota Factory. Daughter of noted television actress Kulbir Kaur Badesron and Punjabi film producer Iqbal Channa, Ahsaas started her acting career at a very young age with films like Vaastu Shastra, My Friend Ganesha, and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. In this interview with Murtaza Ali Khan, she talks about her latest Girliyapa sketch, the popularity of Kota Factory and her early experiences as a child actor.

Tell us about your latest Girliyapa sketch Dress Apna Apna…

Dress Apna Apna is about Raveena and Karishma. Both end up wearing the same dress at the school reunion party. Now, both are excited about this dress and have been dreaming about wearing it at the party. On reaching the party, they realise that both of them are wearing it. So there starts an argument about who is looking better in the dress and who should go inside. Towards the end, they come up with a solution that gets both of them to enter the party. It’s hilarious and witty and every girl would be able to relate to it. Khushbu Baid, who co-stars with me, is really a fun person to work with and we both had a great time doing the sketch.

What is the reason behind the popularity of Girliyapa amongst youngsters?

The reason Girliyapa is so popular is because it is not just relatable to the girls but also provides a different perspective to the boys. I think it is feminism done in a very funny and satirical way. The best thing about it is that it provides so much information about women, women’s perspective, and what they go through in their daily lives. And, at the same time, it is both funny and entertaining.

Kota Factory has been creating a lot of buzz. How do you reflect upon the series and your role in it?

Kota Factory is about IIT aspirants and what they go through in Kota. The story revolves around Vaibhav Pandey. He is a little late in Kota and is preparing for the IIT entrance examination. He meets a lot of people there including Shivangi Ranawat, which is my character in the show. She is a very straightforward person and I was very excited to essay the character because it’s something I have never done before. Kota Factory is very engaging. It’s directed and written very well. There is something about the story that gets you hooked to it. I think every person who is preparing for IIT or have passed out of IIT or has been to Kota can relate to it really well. Also, it’s the first black and white series on the web which of course adds to the buzz

How close is the series to the actual reality of Kota?

I think Kota Factory is very much in the real space. The story, characters, and even the dialogues are so relatable. Nothing is exaggerated. The writers actually went to Kota and did thorough research in order to come up with the story. Apparently, Kota has changed a lot over the years and that was taken into consideration. I remember we screened the first and the second episodes in Kota and so we could see the live reactions of the students. Everybody was so moved.

How do you see your association with TVF?

Also tell us about the popularity of Girls Hostel. Well, I had never planned this and I consider myself really lucky that it happened. It’s going on very well. It started a year ago with Girliyapa and I subsequently started doing a lot of videos for TVF. My first show for TVF was Hostel Days which is about to come this year. It’s not out yet. As far as Girls Hostel is concerned, I really didn’t know that it would do so well.

It was great fun to be on the sets, and I think just like every TVF show, it is very relatable for the young audiences. You pick up any character on the show and you can relate to it. It is easily one of my favourite shows and not just because I am a part of it.

You started your career as a child actor in movies. How was the experience like? How did it help you in becoming the actor that you are today?

I think whatever I am today is because of my early beginnings as a child actor in all those films. Even if I am a little bit of a good actor, it’s only because I have been doing it for such a long time. Also, my mom has always been there and taught me everything. With my earlier work, I think it was a great journey.

I am so lucky that I got the chance to work with such amazing people at such a young age. I think I am still growing as an actor but the early exposure that I got while working on films like Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and Vastu Shashtra actually helped me a lot. Also, I really couldn’t have asked for a better childhood

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