Hamsaye Maa Jaye: Pak sisters’ rap on India-Pakistan friendship and brotherhood goes viral

In the times of heated election campaigning in India, when nationalism is being linked to the enmity with neighbouring Pakistan, this video song on YouTube is becoming popular in both the countries

Photo courtesy: YouTube
Photo courtesy: YouTube

Pragati Saxena

A video song on Youtube featuring two Pakistani actresses and sisters is making waves on social media. It is a simple rap conversation between two women neighbours who are talking about their countries and the differences between them finally conclude that they want to enjoy gossiping and dancing no matter what their countries are fighting about.

These women talk about a range of socio-political issues in a very simple manner addressing each other as ‘Gwandnee’ (neighbour). And their talk in form of rap is hilarious and full of warmth and love for each other.

Their conversation reveals all the enmity their countires have for each other and the talk of an ‘atom bomb’ also which they have apparently heard and seen on TV. It is not difficult to realise that they are talking about India and Pakistan. One of them says that whatever you see on television is politicians’ game, so don’t pay any attention to it. Let’s talk about our lives.

But that makes the other neighbour wonder why should there be so many differences and malice between the two countries when we share the same sky, sun, water and earth. Then they discuss their shared problems of electricity, water, poverty and hunger.

Their conversation moves on to what they have heard on TV, that their respective countries have atom bombs!! Immediately they shrug off the idea and say ‘Let’s forget it and dance and enjoy!!

This rap has stolen the hearts of many on social media. Talking to BBC Urdu, one of the three sisters who made this video, Bushra Ansari said that she was surprised by the huge response and feedback she received. “It is as if it is their own inner voice they have come across in this video,”she said.

On the apprehensions about trolling over this video, Bushra said that they have tried to pour out the truth about the people of the two countries and if some ‘sick minds’ troll her then she is not bothered. “It is on this condition that I made this video that I will not pay attention to any trolling because I know what I have said in the video is good and true of the people of both the countries.

This YouTube video named ‘Hamsaye Maa Jaye’ features famous Pakistani actors and sisters Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas and the rap has been written by their third sister, who is a poet, Neelam Ahmad Bashir.

You can watch this heartening video here:

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