Himesh Reshammiya to judge Big Golden Voice Season-7

Himesh Reshammiya will not only judge the Big Golden Voice Season-7, he will also mentor the talented participants of the reality show

Himesh Reshammiya to judge Big Golden Voice Season-7


Prolific singer-composer Himesh Reshmmiya will be seen again as judging the 7th season of one the most-prestigious singing reality shows on radio, IDFC presents BIG Golden Voice by BIG FM. It is a first-of-its-kind reality show on-air, which gives a platform to young and upcoming talent.

He was constantly delivering catchy chartbusters, peppy dance numbers, and soulful songs in the music world.

Now, this celebrity judge will not only judge but will also mentor these talented participants as they compete for the top spot.

Talking about being a judge and guiding the participants, Himesh Reshammiya said, “I have always appreciated talent and tried my best to accord the truly deserving with the right opportunity. I believe everyone who has the talent has a right to be bestowed upon with a chance, an opportunity and trust me, the right attitude is key to showcasing your talent to the world. Radio is one such purest form with no adulterated mix of offering any spurious dessert platter of dance or any visual illusions mixed in the main pure element of singing. This ensures complete justice to this noble cause.”

Reshammiya added, “I am proud that BIG FM has taken the onus of providing this much-deserved platform to these budding youngsters with Season 7 of the franchise “BIG Golden Voice”. I can very much relate to the show and share the same thought of giving opportunities and guidance to the deserving ones. As a judge, I will be mentoring the participants throughout their journey which includes preparing them for vital combats to present themselves on the world stage.”

Presented by IDFC First Bank, Season 7 promises a good dose of entertainment for participants as well as listeners across platforms of BIG FM. BIG Golden Voice has had an impressive line of esteemed judges, that include Abhijeet Bhattacharya (Season 1), Shankar Mahadevan (Season 2 & 3), Malik Brothers - Armaan and Amaal Malik (Season 4), Anu Malik (Season 5) and Sonu Nigam (Season 6), who have not only amplified the show’s popularity but have also played an important role in recognizing the best talent for the industry at large.

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