I always dreamt that one day I will get approval both by audience and critics: Actor Anshumaan Pushkar

Actor Anshumaan Pushkar is currently seen in Disney+ Hotstar's Grahan playing a pivotal role which is being well received and is garnering praises from audiences

Actor Anshumaan Pushkar
Actor Anshumaan Pushkar

Kumar Raviraj Sinha

Your role is receiving accolades and praises, how do you feel about it ?

It is really overwhelming for me as being an aspiring actor I always dreamt that one day I will get approval by audience and critics . An actor grows with both applause and criticism, so when you receive appreciation because of your hard work, it is a heartwarming and grateful feeling. I'm very thankful to the audience for their kind gesture and support.

What were your preparations towards the character?

GRAHAN is based on a novel written by Satya Vyas. Generally while depicting a character by reading a script, you create that character by the given brief, scenes and dialogues. But when a novel is presented in a audio-visual format, the readers already have visualized the character through the book. Therefore it's an extra responsibility for me to meet audience's expectations. For that I read the book thoroughly and several times, my theatre experience and specially director Ranjan Chandel helped me a lot to understand the depth of the role.

How did you bag the role?

I got a call from Mukesh chhabra casting company for audition. I read the novel, and I was truly in love with it. I went through sleepless nights in between my audition and my selection call. I will always be grateful to the director Ranjan Chandel for giving me such a prominent character because after Jamtara, even I was not expecting something totally different and unique role like Rishi Ranjan will be offered to me soon .

The show is receiving good response. How do you feel about it?

As a team we were confident about the success of it. We felt strongly that Grahan has great potential because of its beautiful and meaningful story. While we were shooting, I felt that makers and director Ranjan sir understand the emotion and seriousness of the subject and wanted to send good message to the society. And now when we are receiving good reviews, I feel proud that we as a team succeeded and want to thank everyone for their support.

What are your upcoming projects?

There are a few projects lined up. Currently I'm shooting for Jamtara second season and there is a web show and a film after that.

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