I always wanted to work with Anangsha Biswas, says Saumitra Singh

Director of Poetic Series ‘Maine Anubhav Se Seekha Hai’, Saumitra Singh says he always wanted to work with versatile young actor Anangsha Biswas

 Actor Anangsha Biswas
Actor Anangsha Biswas

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A poetic Series ‘Maine Anubhav se Seekha hai’ has been released on Youtube recently. It has been directed by Saumitra Singh, written by Vishwas Bhushan and produced by Shashwat Joshi. The short poetic recitation is drawing attention for its beautiful poetry and style of recitation by various artists/actors.

Talking about his experience working with Mirzapur and Hostages actor Anangsha Biswas, director Saumitra Singh said-"I always wanted to work with Anangsha Biswas and was waiting for the right opportunity, as I know her for a long time. Finally, I got this opportunity by doing a poetic story with Anangsha along with other Actors titled "Maine Anubhav Se Seekha Hai" written by Vishwa Bhushan and produced by Shashwat Joshi. It was an overwhelming experience to work with Anangsha, who has already shown her great acting skills in movies like "Luv Shuv te chicken Khurana" and shows like "Mirzapur" and "Pratibimb". We are discussing working together on a short film also. Her commitment to work is commendable. It is always a pleasure to work with good artists.”

On the work front, Anangsha has a lot of series and movies lined up for 2020 and Hostages 2 and Mirzapur 2 being among them. Apart from that, there are some more projects and she’ll make an announcement about the same very soon.

You can watch the Poetic Series here:

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