Jimmy Shergill: I was blown away by the show’s realistic quality

Jimmy Shergill talks about ‘Rangbaaz Phirse’ and his association with the project, the rise of web as an alternative entertainment platform, and his acting journey

Jimmy Shergill (Photo Coourtesy: Twitter/Jimmy Shergill)
Jimmy Shergill (Photo Coourtesy: Twitter/Jimmy Shergill)

Murtaza Ali Khan

The second season of the popular crime series ‘Rangbaaz’ recently premiered on ZEE5. Titled ‘Rangbaaz Phirse’, the second season of ‘Rangbaaz’ is set in Rajasthan and follows the story of gangster Amarpal Singh, essayed by JIMMY SHERGILL. ‘Rangbaaz Phirse’ co-stars Sharad Kelkar, Sushant Singh, Gul Panag, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub Khan, and Harsh Chhaya in pivotal roles.

In this interview with MURTAZA ALI KHAN, Shergill talks about ‘Rangbaaz Phirse’ and his association with the project, the rise of web as an alternative entertainment platform, and his acting journey. Excerpts:

Tells us about Rangbaaz Phirse? 

Rangbaaz Phirse offers a very nice story,very nice dialogues, and some very realistic performances thanks to a very strong ensemble cast. The theme again is the same; it talks about people who are not meant to become criminals but the system or circumstances push them in that direction. It’s set in Rajasthan and tells the story of this guy named Amarpal Singh who is a gold medalist, a bright guy who is going to be in the IPS but then things happen in his life that force him to become a criminal. It’s essentially a painful story that’s deep inhuman emotions backed with dark humor. The story begins from the late‘ 80s and continues till the present day.And the kind of detailing that went into making it is really what has impressed me the most.

How did you get associated withthe project?

Now, I had been getting a lot of offers on the web but I was waiting for some thing that gets me really excited as an actor.You see, for me the script is the most important thing. If the script is good then as an actor you know that you can start looking forward to other aspects.Fortunately, I had already seen the first season of Rangbaaz as I was invited for the premiere by director Bhav Dhulia and of course Tigmanshu and I go back along way. I was blown away by the realistic quality of the show. I loved the writing and the performances. When earlier this year they came to me with the narration for the second season I liked it so much that I immediately said‘yes’. The part required me to work on my accent and my look and once that got sorted we were good to go.

How do you look at web as an alternative entertainment platform?

The web and OTT are very new to us but what’s heartening is that the makers are not treating it as something that’s still in a nascent stage, especially as far as our country is concerned. It’s mainly because the likes of Netflix and Amazon have already set a standard for everyone. And so it’s essential to maintain that quality.Now, while doing Rangbaaz Phirse In ever really felt that I was doing a web series and not a movie. We were using the camera movie we use for movies.Also, the same technicians and actors who work with us in the movies were involved. So the level of production was same as that of a movie. As a matter off act, even the first screening will take place on the big screen only.

How do you reflect upon your acting journey so far?

The journey has been wonderful and I really have no complaints. I have really enjoyed doing all kinds of roles. What’s really heartening is that I have managed to prevent myself from getting slotted in any particular category as an actor. For me it’s important to keep on trying new things. The way I look at it is as if I am building a resume for myself so that I can keep on wooing younger directors who can see me as someone who is open to trying new things. It’s really been an experience that I have always cherished and I hope that this journey continues like it has for the last couple of decades.

Do you miss playing the boy next door characters?

Well, Amarpal, to begin with, is a boy next door—a very bright student who goes on to clear the UPSC exam. He is a very lovable character until life takes a major turn. So the character really allowed me to explore different dimensions as an actor. It’s really a complete journey that I went through while essaying it. You will surely see a lot of shades of that in Rangbaaz Phirse.

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