Interview with actress Akshara Singh: "Bhojpuri films have given me all the recognition"

Bhojpuri film actress Akshara Singh is successfully widening the scope of her professional pursuit. She is now known for her singing prowess too and soon she will be seen in Bollywood projects

Interview with actress Akshara Singh:
"Bhojpuri films have given me all the recognition"

Kumar Raviraj Sinha

1. Tell us about your journey.

I started my career at the age of 16 and I was in class 9 , It was my first Bhojpuri film opposite Ravi Kishan ji. After that I did a lot of films in Bhojpuri with all the top actors and it was great as a beginner working with them. After that there was no looking back. As an artist, I always want to keep growing.

2. You have switched from Bhojpuri industry to Bollywood industry, Is there any reason behind this?

Not at all. Because I think Bhojpuri industry is the reason for what I am today. Bhojpuri films have given me all the recognition. It is good to stay connected with the roots. So even if I work in Bollywood now and do some great work in it, I can never leave the Bhojpuri industry and the audience I have gained due to my work there.

3. Has all this popularity changed you as a person?

Well, I don't think so. I am still the way I used to be in my childhood. I have been brought up in that way. My nature too I think has remained more or less the same, according to me, but I don't know about others.

4. What is the major difference between the Mumbai Film industry and Bhojpuri film industry?

It think there is not much difference in both the industries. There may be difference of language, budget because we all know about Bollywood industry. They have a pretty good productions, tops actors, and pan India actors. Bhojpuri Industry is also same but with not a very high budget and with a regional language. So the working is same but the budgets may differ.

5. As a singer where do you see yourself in the film industry?

I started my career as an actor and that's how I was introduced in the industry. So I think I have proved myself as an actor in the industry and then I began as a singer. I have been working hard. And now people are loving me for the work I do. So I think I am an established singer and actor.

6. You have recently shared stage with Udit Narayan, how was your overall experience?

It was wonderful because he is a living legend and a wonderful person, wonderful soul. After being so successful, he is still very down to earth, very humble with everyone, which I loved. It was a learning experience, sharing stage with someone like him. it's like a dream come true for me.

7. Recently we have seen your pictures with Amir khan. Can we say you are signing any project with him?

If it's in my hand I would be really happy to work with him because as an actor he is fabulous. I don't know about the future but I am hoping for the best. Maybe I do get a chance to work with him someday. Meeting him was fun. He is very sensible and a smart personality.

8. What are your upcoming projects ?

I have some music videos in the pipeline along with it you might see me in Bhojpuri films the shoot of which is happening and of course, albums are coming soon. I am getting ready for a web series too.

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