Randeep Hooda: I try my best not to repeat myself

Randeep Hooda will next be seen in an American production called Dhaka which also stars Hollywood’s Chris Hemsworth. Here he talks about his acting journey and the importance of enjoying life

Photo courtesy: social media
Photo courtesy: social media

Murtaza Ali Khan

You made your debut with Monsoon Wedding in 2001. Since then you have had a fairly successful acting career. How do you reflect upon your journey so far?

It’s a work in progress. I think I have learnt that I don’t sit and watch my own work. I try and approach all roles organically. I am trying my best to not repeat myself much except for a couple of occasions when I had to play a certain type of character again, as per popular demand. It has been a journey of exploration. At any point, two journeys are always going on in your life. One is internal and the other is external. I think in my internal journey, I am in a good space. I try to be a good person. Also, I try to be as good an actor as possible. But, sometimes, it can be a little frustrating when despite giving your all, things don’t materialise.

You are an actor, professional equestrian, and also a playwright. How easy it isfor you to don these different hats?

Well, I won’t lie to you. Striking a balance between different things is not easy at all. Juggling between the different acts, I am often not left with much time to do anything else. But I think one should fill one’s life with all the things that one enjoys doing. Because what is life? It is passage of time and the more time you spend doing the things you love to do, the more fruitful your life is going to be. So, I decided long back that I am going to do what I love to do and hopefully somebody is going to pay me some money to survive in this world. I think that’s worked out well for me. There is nothing called talent in this world. Talent is just enthusiasm.

You recently participated in a horse-racing event. Tell us about that.

Actually, I have been shooting for Dhaka in Thailand. So straight after that, I took part in the National Equestrian Championship at the Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai. And I am really proud that I not only qualified but also bagged a silver medal after a very tough competition.

You are working with Imtiaz Ali again after Highway. There have been speculations that it’s going to be a sequel to Love Aaj Kal. Tell us about the film.

It is a movie about love as it used to be and as it is now. I am very happy that I have teamed up with Imtiaz again. Highway was a very special movie for me and the character of Mahabir that I played in it will always have a special place in my heart. It’s amazing that five years have already passed. I like Imtiaz’s truthful approach towards filmmaking, performances and everything. I think we both are very much bent towards it and that’s why we like working with each other. The filming hasn’t started yet. That’s all I can tell you right now.

You were supposed to star in a film on the Battle of Saragarhi. Are there any updates on it?

Actually, that’s the reason why I haven’t been able to do many films during the last couple of years. For the Battle of Saragarhi, I had grown a beard and hair and all that. But unfortunately, the movie didn’t see the light of the day. It has been very disappointing. But I have finally moved on towards other projects.

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