Simmba review: Ranveer rocks, Rohit Shetty repeats himself and we have average masala flick 

Rohit Shetty repeats himself as a director and that’s where Simmba fails. Ranveer, Sonu, Sara impress yet the film remains just an average entertainer

Photo courtesy: Twitter
Photo courtesy: Twitter

Pragati Saxena

Well well, when we have a performer like Ranveer Singh and a director like Rohit Shetty, what do you expect else than a typical high note ‘saffron’ coloured action flick. Seriously, what's with Rohit Shetty and the colour saffron?

The beginning of Simmba has so much of saffron and red that it starts irritating you. And then in the background of a mean, corrupt though cute Marathi cop if you show Shivaji’s statue, it becomes rather too much.

Ranveer now is so comfortable in front of camera that you can almost feel that he is having fun!!

Story as we all know is simple- there's a corrupt though good-hearted cop, who becomes good when corruption hits his loved one. And of course some cheering and clapping for Rohit Sherry's now famous cop Singham. But one is left wondering where are these super hero cops, man!! When will we the commoners will also say gleefully in the face of increasing crime-- Aaya police!!

In the end Akshay Kumar's cameo as Sooryavnshi is the surprise element. You can now expect Akshay Kumar taking charge of this cop franchise in 2019.

In the times of controversial UP police encounters and a funny thhaain thaain confrontation that went viral on social media, the film seems to glorify police encounters showing the helplessness of law. Some crisp dialogues, comic situation and impressive action sequence are expected of Rohit Shetty films. Simmba too is not any exception.

The film is an average entertainer, as Rohit Shetty films a typical nautanki. It will surely earn at the box office. But sadly, it doesn't show any signs of growth in Rohit Shetty as director. Sara Ali Khan is impressive, confident and pretty.

One actor who needs special mention is Sonu Sood. He has an impressive screen presence and at times a hero as impressive as Ranveer fades in front of him on screen. He is a good actor whose potential is yet to be realised fully.

Ashutosh Rana is well, good as always. Other actors playing cops are ideal side kicks to Simmba, the comic corrupt cop turned saviour and hero.

It's a good one time watch. But Ranveer should be better advised not to do such stereotype roles and instead should look for more challenging ones. He still has lots to explore as an actor.

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Published: 28 Dec 2018, 2:58 PM