Sneha Namanandi: Every struggler in entertainment industry should have a backup plan

Sneha Namanandi is an upcoming actress who has worked in TV series as well as regional films. She is now venturing into web series too with Alt Balaji’s Ragini MMS

Photo courtesy: social media
Photo courtesy: social media

Kumar Raviraj Sinha

Sneha Namanandi is an upcoming actress who has worked in TV series as well as regional films. She is now venturing into web series too with Alt Balaji’s Ragini MMS. Sneha has been a hockey player also. In an interview with NH she reveals her plans for the future:

Tell us about your journey.

I started with my channel V shows ‘Gumrah’ , ‘Halla  Bol’ and ‘Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi’ on And Tv and I have done a Kannada movie called ‘Lee’ and I did a festival film called a Saviour that is an English Telugu movie. Right now I am shooting for Alt Balaji web series called Ragini MMS. I have done around 8-10 music videos out of it 6 have released and 4 are releasing in July and August. And apart from that, I am a state level hockey player. I played badminton for celebrity badminton league for the south. I did a Marathi film also which will soon be released.

By Whom do you feel inspired and what or who prompted you to take up acting?

I am inspired by my own self.  When I was in school, I used to participate in plays and I am a good dancer, so I started doing choreography in the beginning when I was in school. But I was also interested in acting. Eventually, I started trying and I did Gumrah and thus it all began for me.

How do you think that you are different from other actresses of your generation?

I am inspired by own self. I am different that way. Secondly, I work hard but take life as it comes. So I really do not plan for future. I think it’s not about success only, it is the journey that matters too. So I take one day at a time. I think I am different than other in this way.

If you were not an actor what would you aspire to be?

I would be a hockey player, I have played state level in hockey and I also play throw ball and I still play throw-ball for a specific team.

You have had your own share of struggle in the industry. What will you say about the people who are still struggling in the industry? There are a few cases of people giving up hope and taking extreme steps...

I think everybody whoever is struggling should have a backup plan. You can’t depend on one thing only. For me, it’s comfortable because my parents support me. So those who are struggling and having a hard time. They give auditions, get rejected, go back home and they don’t have anybody to sit and share with. So, everyone who is trying to be in entertainment industry should have a backup plan even I have a backup plan. I have a dance academy I can fall back on that if I don’t get the success I am expecting.

What do you think about the TikTok app? Is it really providing a good platform to new talents?

I don’t encourage TikTok. Although I am there on TikTok. All my songs are there on TikTok. A lot of people are posting their videos acting on the songs featuring me. “Tu Meri Gal” has actually crossed 40 million views on TikTok but personally, I don’t encourage it. There is nothing serious about it. It’s just for fun.

What do you want to achieve?

I want to be in the position where people recognise me as a very good performer and actress. There are millions of good looking girls but to be a very good performer and actor is what I want to be. I want to be known as someone like Vidya Balan who is pretty and is considered a very talented actress.

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