You can learn so much from Sanjay Mishra even when he is not performing: Anand Raaj

I was mesmerized by Sanjay Mishra’s ability to add a unique heroism while maintaining the essence of the character, says Actor Anand Raaj

Actor Anand Raaj
Actor Anand Raaj

Kumar Raviraj Sinha

Actor Anand Raaj is all set to make his debut in the film Andaman, he is playing the protagonist and is one of the producers of the film as well. He has also written the film.

Earlier he had done a cameo in a popular television serial ‘Kum Kum’.

What’s the story behind the title of your upcoming movie ‘Andaman’?

This story is around a quarantine Centre in an unprivileged village. The name of the village is Bhulanpur but people call it Andaman. There is a similarity between Andaman island and  Bhulanpur and we want viewers to find out what it is when they watch the film.

What was your experience while working with Sanjay Mishra?

The most important thing I learnt is that the most essential aspect of an artist is his life. I was mesmerized with his ability to add a unique heroism while maintaining the essence of the character. He can take a scene to a different level merely using a small gesture.

You can learn so much from him even when he is not in front of the camera.

I am extremely fortunate to have worked with him as an actor and writer.

Why a movie on Quarantine Centres?

I was born and brought up in a small village in UP. I heard painful news of migrant workers reaching their villages after so much of struggle and then they had to be quarantined in village schools. I got to know weird stories about people who stayed in those quarantine centres. In fact, each track and the character in the film is rooted in reality some way or the other. This film is about those unknown people stuck in quarantine centres who are living as important life as anyone else.

Was it difficult for you to get the producers for this Film?

We didn’t make any effort to bring a producer on board. We decided to produce it ourselves because we wanted to bring forth the story with utmost honesty. We are very fortunate that we could create a wonderful team of actors and technicians who were truly united around and committed to the story.

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