Tips to maintain your jewellery

Taking care of the jewellery is a very critical task. It takes an effort to make sure that every step is followed with perfection

Tips to maintain your jewellery

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Taking care of the jewellery is a critical task. It takes an effort to make sure that every step is followed with perfection. Just like gold, fashion jewellery also elevates your look. Hence, it is extremely crucial to take care of it.

Keeping fashion jewellery away from water or any form of liquid is very important and at the same time, one should place it in a pouch or box for keeping it clean. Never try to place it in an open space as it does kill the shine of the product.

As nail polish is a part of a woman’s daily life, sometimes they think about putting nail polish coats on the fashion jewellery. It does not seem to be a great idea. After wearing it, it is crucial to use wet or dry tissues for polishing its shine. Silver jewellery should be kept in airtight containers. The very process helps silver to not take black shade.

While doing makeup, using face cream and applying perfume, it is essential to keep the fashion jewellery aside.

Emerald jewellery also requires proper care. Hence, on a regular basis, one needs to make sure that it should be wiped with a microfiber cloth. It should not be cleaned with ultrasonic and steam as it opens the creaks and makes them look oversized.

Sometimes, it does become hard to remove dirt from emeralds. In such a situation, using cotton soaked in warm water works wonders. A soft brush can also serve the purpose.

Fashion jewellery can also last longer. However, it does need extra care for making it look shiny and beautiful. It is better to take care of them and use it for a long time than buy new ones.

(Inputs by Jewellery designer Kanika Rana, founder of Kanika Rana fine jewellery)

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