‘Bala’ plays party pooper for ‘Ujda Chaman’

Bala, a movie on the same subject as Sunny Singh’s Ujda Chaman, releases a day ahead of the latter. The announcement came days after the trailer of Ujda Chaman was reelased

‘Bala’ plays party pooper for ‘Ujda Chaman’


Just a few days after the trailer of Sunny Singh's ‘Ujda Chaman’ released, the makers of ‘Bala’, the subject of which is also about a balding young man, has created a controversy.

The reason is that the makers of ‘Bala’ have announced the release of the film a day before ‘Ujda Chaman’ hits the cinemas. ‘Ujda Chaman’ which is an official remake of Kannada hit ‘Ondu Motheya’ has been appreciated by media and the film trade.

This is not for the first time that multiple films on the same subject have been made. There have been three films on Bhagat Singh that released in the same year. At least three producers were planning to make a film on the Battle of Saragarhi, but ultimately only ‘Kesari’ starring Akshay Kumar has released.

Trade Analyst Amod Mehra said, “It is not surprising to me but the film that releases first will have an advantage. However, it has to be a good film. Ayushmaan Khurrana is a big star and will definitely get an advantage. And makers of ‘Ujda Chaman’ will have to shift the release date.”

The makers of ‘Ujda Chaman’ have yet to take a decision on the film after Bala's trailer released on Thursday.

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