Deadlock nearly resolved; ‘Sooryavanshi’ prepares for the biggest release since Covid

The producers plan to release an unprecedented number of prints, nearly 2,000 in number, all across India and the world

Deadlock nearly resolved; ‘Sooryavanshi’ prepares for the biggest release since Covid

Subhash K Jha

It’s going to be a bumper blockbuster release for Sooryavanshi on April 2. Most of the problems between the  films producers Reliance Entertainment , Rohit Shetty and others and the Multiplex Association of India(MAI)  have now been resolved.

The  producers plan to unleash an unprecedented number of prints, nearly  2,000 in  number, all  across India and the world.

An informed source reveals, “The  anticipation for Sooryavanshi  is unbelievable. The  moviegoing public of North India has made it clear it would return to theatres only when they are given something worthwhile to return to. That’s Sooryavanshi, and nothing else right now.”

Sources say the  producers  intend to  inundate the theatres with prints, the number so  high that the moviegoing public’s one-year deprivation would be satiated.

According  to an informed source the  deadlock between the two parties is  now in the final stages  of  resolution. “The  dispute over the  profit-sharing  has  already  been resolved. Now it’s mainly  the  question of  securing a  large enough window for theatrical  release before the  film goes on OTT.  The MAI wants  an 8-week window  while the producers  of Sooryvanshi want a 4-week window before the film goes on   the digital platform.”

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