Kabir Singh review: A misogynistic, futile tale of a wasteful youth; Shahid can do much better

‘Kabir Singh’ is a misogynistic, sexist film with plenty of abuses, heroine as a silent doll and hero just a wasteful violent man, full of ‘sound and fury, signifying nothing’

Kabir SIngh poster
Kabir SIngh poster

Pragati Saxena

It’s after all a man’s world. The film Kabir Singh proves it more than anything else. The hero first picks up a girl of his own choice. The girl automatically starts loving him (???) And when he doesn’t succeed in marrying her, he picks up another girl for getting over the first one!!

Kabir Singh is a misogynist, sexist man who considers women his possession. Why should a filmmaker (Sandeep Vanga Reddy in this case) portray such a person as a protagonist particularly in these times when crimes against women are on the rise in this country!

Well, broadly saying the film also reflects the frustration of youth in our country who are fighting for no reason. Anger and being aggressive is usually considered quite fashionable in youngsters, but it has to have some reason!! Uselessly picking up fights and throwing your weight around is, excuse me, not heroic, it’s actually bullying!

As we know, this film is a remake of Telugu film Arjun Reddy. I wonder why Arjun Reddy was made, because assessing from Kabir Singh, it seems like a waste of resources!

Why is it so difficult for the commercial filmmakers to understand that women are also 'persons' and not objects. You can’t glamorise the image of a girl who is a silent, submissive doll than a living being. And how can she be a successful professional (doctor in this case) if she doesn’t have a mind of her own? The one, who readily accept a possessive self centred alcoholic and violent person as her boyfriend?

Why is it so difficult to convey that love is not a feeling of possession or emotion caging someone as your property, it’s a liberating feeling which makes us humane, even divine in our humanity. ‘ye meri bandi hai’ (she is mine) is a dialogue used quite frequently, though surprisingly, the heroine never even once utters ‘ye mera banda hai’!

But the film just portrays a violent and sexist version of love. Moreover, there is a generous use of abuses (which are all targeted at women of course) which again puts you off.

I wonder if the entire film was a reflection of our frustrated, directionless and violent youth with no strength or ground to hold them, hence drawn to self destruction? If that be so, then our society is in a grave danger. But, well the film is too superficial to even reflect that.

As far as story is concerned, you wonder why you are watching this inane story all through. Its regressive, misogynist, unromantic and drab. Shahid Kapoor is a good actor but his choice of films is highly dubious. And he should understand that just mouthing abuses and being violent is not good acting. There’s nothing much for Kiara to do in the film. In fact there’s only one character who leaves a little impression behind and that is Kabir’s friend Shiva played by Soham Majumdar.

Music is bad. A new trend has gripped our film industry--they now sing soft romantic or sad songs too in a high scale, almost screaming. In brief, You will feel better if you don’t spend your money on such a wasteful attempt at making film!!

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