Doctors, nurses most Vulnerable to Corona in absence of protective gear

The ‘frontline soldiers’ in the battle against coronavirus are dealing without required shield and equipment


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As India struggles to contain the spread of Covid-19, the medical professionals turn to be most vulnerable

The 'frontline soldiers' in the battle against coronavirus are dealing without required shield and equipment

Medical professionals find themselves on the losing side of the battle.

Many such workers have, unfortunately, paid the price with their own health

Indian medical professionals have been badly affected due to the lack of protective gear

A doctor died of Covid-19 in Mumbai last week, marking the first doctor death due to the disease in India.

Apart from him, nine other doctors have contracted the virus.

A nurse from Gurugram and a ward boy from Bihar have also been infected

The numbers will continue to rise if India doesn't prioritise the health of medical professionals

Despite the lockdown, India has seen a consistent surge in Covid-19 cases.

So far, 1,024 people have tested positive, out of which 27 people have lost their lives.

Most of the doctors still do not have proper personal protection equipment (PPEs).

The growing number of patients can potentially surpass hospital capacities

With surging numbers,doctors fear the possibility of contracting the virus.

One of such doctors is currently on a ventilator after being tested positive

In India, several healthcare workers have contracted the virus while treating patients.

In Uttar Pradesh, a 25-year-old resident doctor tested positive after coming in contact with a coronavirus patient.

A similar thing happened to the ward boy in Bihar, and another doctor in Mumbai.

A Karnataka doctor also tested positive for the same reason.

It isn't just doctors, there is also panic among paramedical workers, nurses, ward assistants and cleaners.

Apart from the fear of infecting oneself, health workers are also worried...

... about transmitting the disease to family members, especially ageing parents, and young kids.

India is under a huge crisis of doctors and health workers

If we don't protect them, the pandemic will be impossible to handle

Doctors lack  basic equipment like N95 masks and are serving without protective gears.

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