Lakhs of unchecked air travellers entered India in two months

India is under danger of stage 3 coronavirus outbreak. Around 900 cases have been reported positive so far


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India is under danger of stage 3 coronavirus outbreak

Around 900 cases have been reported positive so far

After implementing 21 day lockdown to prevent virus spread...

...government now wakes up to monitor 15 lakh international travellers...

...who entered India between January 18 to March 23

Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba has asked states to immediately strengthen surveillance of these travellers

Government realised a "gap" between those being monitored and 15 lakh arrivals during the period.

Gauba said, the gap "may seriously jeopardise the efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19"

Most positive cases so far in India have history of international travel.

screening of international passengers at the airports started from January 18, 2020.

Bureau Of Immigration has shared details of more than 15 lakh incoming international passengers

A huge number of these travellers have not been monitored

The gap between monitored and non-monitored passenger's is a big loophole of the screening process

The state government's now have to find out these unchecked passengers

So that they can be put under close surveillance to prevent the spread of the epidemic

According to sources, the 15 Lakh figure pertained to only air travellers

Those entering India through seaports or international land borders are not included in these 15 lakh

The risk brought in by these unchecked incoming travellers is unimaginable.

India has to pay for the carelessness of the authorities who underestimated the danger.

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