Stage 3 begins, we are running out of time: Covid-19 task force

Killer Corona is getting deadlier each day, the spread has accelerated 15 times in 15 daysThe number of confirmed cases in, India rose to 873 cases


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Killer Corona is getting deadlier each day

The spread has accelerated 15 times in 15 days

The number of confirmed cases in India rose to 873 cases on Saturday

19 deaths have been reported so far

Have we entered the stage 3?

Are we running short of time?

Is India sitting on the ticking time bomb?

Convenor-COVID-19 Hospitals task force has some crucial answers.

Dr. Gyani said, we are calling it Stage 3. Officially, we may not call it, but it is the beginning of the 3rd stage

Community transmission is the most critical stage during an outbreak and...

At stage 3, virus spreads fast in the community, it gets difficult to trace the original source.

According to Dr. Gyani, coming 5-10 days would be essential to control...

...all those who are asymptomatic now, might start showing symptoms.

“We are running short of time in preparing COVID-19 hospitals

the outbreak in India can happen any day in coming weeks..

and we do not have enough trained medical staff and COVID-19 hospitals yet,” he further added.

He said that the government is still following the old stringent testing policy

“The government is testing only those who have all three symptoms together, coughing, breathing problem and fever...

...If the patient is having only one of the symptoms then they will not be tested.”

Dr Gyani pointed out that the government needs to restrategise

it is serious about breaking the chain of transmission.

Dr.Gyani said, we need to identity COVID hospitals and then train nurses and medics and co-workers.

The government had enough time to prepare itself for the pandemic.

Now, that we have stepped into stage 3 as claimed by Dr Gyani

The big question is, do we have enough time to control the spread of the disease?

The bitter truth is, that we are running out of time

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