UP govt flouts SC orders to avenge anti-CAA protest

UP government has ordered the recovery of 23 lakhs for the damages during anti-CAA protests


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UP government has ordered the recovery of 23 lakhs for the damages during anti-CAA protests.

A panel headed by the ADM held 53 guilty of damaging public property during an anti-CAA protest in Muzaffarnagar.

The protest took place on 20th December after the new citizenship bill was introduced.

ADM Amit Singh directed the Revenue Department to collect Rs 23,41,290 from the guilty for damaging public property.

The panel had issued notices to 57 people and sought a report from police and government departments.

During the inquiry, the panel withdrew notices against four people.

The panel rejected the objections filed by the 53 people, holding them responsible for damage.

Over 51 cases were registered and 81 people arrested for the violence during the anti-protest in Muzaffarnagar.

Thousands of people were taken into custody and hundreds of cases were filed in UP during protests.

The state witnessed extreme Police atrocities and action.

Hundreds protestors were injured and more than 20 lives were lost.

UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath had claimed to avenge the rioters.

The financial recovery order is being seen as a tool for vengeance.

The administration had released pictures of the protestors through CCTV footage.

Government alleged, identified protestors will have to repay for the damages.

The supreme court had asked the UP government regarding the recovery procedure.

Even before top court's final order in this regard, UP government has ordered recovery.

In Sambhal, the administration has served notice to 13 people to stop the anti-CAA protests.

These individuals have to sign bonds of 50 lakh each with two guaranters.

The notice demands these individuals to assure non participation in anti-CAA protests.

The administration has alleged that these 13 individuals have been provoking women for anti-CAA dharnas.

The UP government is using the administration to silent all voices against the divisive law.

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