PM Modi violates poll code: public apology demanded

Rajput and Patidar community leaders are said to have demanded a public apology from the Prime Minister for inciting communities in a campaign speech in Gujarat

Photo courtesy: Twitter
Photo courtesy: Twitter

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Social media on Friday came alive with a video in which a Gohiwad Rajput Samaj leader in Gujarat is heard demanding a public apology from the Prime Minister for trying to drive a wedge between Rajputs and Patidars. In a series of tweets from the ground a Twitter handle going by simply ‘The Age of Bananas’ posted this video and provided the context.

In an election rally at Patilana, Prime Minister Modi is reported to have said, “Do we want to bless Mangadh massacre perpetrators?”

The Twitter handle claimed that in 1982 3 Kshatriyas were murdered in a village near Palitana. Kshatriyas took revenge in 1984 by killing 11 Patidars. This incident is known as 'Mangadh massacre'.

PM Modi reminded Patidars and Kshatriya Rajputs of this tragedy in a bid to instigate the Patidars ahead of the election . Both communities have buried the hatchet over the years and live peacefully and in harmony , the handle mentioned.

Both communities now fear that the PM's public reference to this bloody but forgotten past may disturb peace once again. Community leaders as well as local BJP leader have condemned PM Modi's statement.

The head of the family, members of which had been massacred, Thakarsi Patel, himself a local BJP leader is said to be both surprised and upset with PM Modi recalling this buried bit of history. The Twitter handle, increasingly becoming popular for reports from the ground in Gujarat, went on to claim that the PM’s speech had gone viral in Saurashtra amidst much criticisms.

In response to the PM’s speech about ‘Mangadh massacre’ and attempts at stoking hate between Kshatriyas and Patidars, leaders of both communities held a joint press conference in Bhavnagar on Friday and denounced his hateful speech.

Gohilwad Rajput Samaj leader Vasudevsinh Gohil issued a press statement saying. “Saurashtra's Kshatriyas and Rajputs have forgotten Mangadh massacre and communities live in harmony. We do business together and stand by each other in both good and bad times ever since”.

“we are aghast that PM Modi uttered words that undermine the stature of Prime Minister”, he added. “If PM Modi believes he can stir communal hatred by his hate speech, he is mistaken”, he added. Gohil declared that both communities will protest PM Modi's 4th December visit.

PM Modi will be campaigning in Saurashtra on December 3 and 4. PM's rally in Bhavnagar on December 4 is likely to witness protests by Rajputs & Patidars together. Vasudevsinh Gohil declared Kshatriyas will support Hardik Patel.

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