Health Safe Today launches ‘Keypr’ - A secure digital platform for all your medical records

Pandemic is not yet behind us, and digital health and health data records have become a hot topic of discussion. It is at this juncture that Health Safe Today has launched Keypr

Suhela Kapoor, Founder,
Suhela Kapoor, Founder,

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The Pandemic is not yet behind us, and digital health and health data records have become a hot topic of discussion from households right up to parliament.

It is at this kind of juncture that health tech startup Health Safe today is launching its app Keypr.

‘Keypr’ is an app that helps you keep all your medical records in a secure digital format, ready for sharing with Doctors, family members and other health service providers. Keypr employs advanced Behaviour Science principles and Human-Computer Interaction frameworks to create a seamless experience for patients and health service providers.

This highly gamified platform uses a multitude of reward systems to augment the users’ experience and streamline the overall impact of digital health services.

Founded by neuroscientist and public health researcher, Dr Suhela Kapoor, Health Safe Today is a new age digital health startup that aims to digitise healthcare and provide patients personalised insights in their medical records, personal and family health history and personal daily health trackers for improved decision making. Their motto is “Your Health Data. Own it, Secure it, Use it.”

The big unveil scheduled for December 19 is happening with an exciting cycling marathon combined with a treasure hunt. Being done in partnership with big names from the sporting community such as Decathlon and the All India Cycle Manufacturers' Association, and also the famous plant based artisanal cafe, Greenr, this event is going to be a grand coming together of doctors and patient app users to interact with each other and discuss their concerns with regard to the healthcare system in the country as well as the opportunity to win fun goodies from Health Safe and its partners.

Users of Keypr can access medical specialists for themselves or their loved ones via telemedicine services or avail in-person consults and also participate in community forums so as to receive much needed support from other patients and their caregivers.

Automated transcription tools provide a stress-free experience to users to manage their handwritten prescriptions which up till now have been the bane of a mismanaged system with documents either getting lost or misplaced along a patient’s journey. The platform aims to empower users by giving access to their health records and helping them take control of their medical decisions.

The startup has drawn fresh funding round from Arjun Malhotra, HCL co-founder and other prominent angels from leading technology firms such as TCS, iPlato UK and others. In the words of the tech doyen and now healthcare evangelist, Arjun, “Healthcare in India is at an inflection point, the pandemic has changed people’s perception of the value of their health. Their concerns around preventive health, mental health and other aspects of health are valid and need redressal. The convergence of digital technologies with medicine is making healthcare more personalised and precise. I see this as a great time for Health Safe making their advent in the digitized patient health record space especially from the point of view that they will bring remarkable ease to the patient and the doctor for improved communication and decision making and also bolster accountability from the system”.

Health Safe will use the funding to fuel its customer-centric marketing plans and access the Indian markets.

Health Safe Today has also partnered with to work towards their ambition of financing the critical illnesses of over 10 lakh patients in the next decade. A partnership with healthcare financing platform will be instrumental in helping Health Safe Today’s patients with their treatment expenses, given high out-of-pocket costs for hospitalization and insufficient insurance cover in an environment of rising healthcare costs.

Dr Suhela Kapoor said she and her team of committed behavioural researchers and human centric technologists are deeply entrenched in this area of healthcare and have a full stack omnichannel platform that uses agile coding architecture and open APIs to create a one-stop solution for users.

This includes voice commands for better adherence to prescription, integration with smart wearables, and home-based point-of-care devices and also COWIN integration for reminders for upcoming vaccinations and also follow through with medical checks and diagnostic tests.

“The attempt is to create a new age interconnected healthcare paradigm which seamlessly connects all the current and past touchpoints of a patient’s healthcare journey while communicating flawlessly with the health-service providers for improved treatment planning, personalized preventive health suggestions and the best health outcomes,” said Dr Suhela Kapoor.

With healthcare being of prime importance to the average Indian after the pandemic, products such as Health Safe’s ‘Keypr’ will be highly beneficial in helping address the large-scale demand for health tech solutions and help people move towards preventive health actions.

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