Punjab Minister releases book on prostate cancer

Punjab cabinet minister, Balbir Singh Sidhu released a book written in Punjabi titled 'Primary Knowledge about Prostate Cancer'

Punjab Minister releases book on prostate cancer

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Balbir Singh Sidhu ,Cabinet Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Punjab released book written for general public in Punjabi titled 'Primary Knowledge about Prostate Cancer'.

This book is authored by state awardee Dr Baldev Singh Aulakh, chief Urologist and Transplant Surgeon, Aykai hospital, Ludhiana. Prostate cancer is one of the common cancers affecting men above the age of 50 and it affects different patients differently. Hence people need to know real course of treatment in their respective cases from qualified urologist and not fall prey to information on WhatsApp, internet or so called uneducated experts . This book tells about symptoms, diagnosis, stages, various treatment modalities including surgery, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy and diet of these prostate cancer patients.

Dr Aulakh said that good news is prostate cancer is most curable and may not kill patients but bad news is that patients usually consult urologist quite late as prostate is linked to urination and sex. Hence it is already wide spread by the time a patient reaches urologist.

Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu said, as per reports of 2021 prostate cancer affected 14 lakh people in India who took medical advice but actual number is much more. So early diagnosis is key to the cure. In this book, Dr Aulakh has advised men to go for blood test (PSA) regularly after the age of 50. The minister congratulated Dr Aulakh and Dr Bindra, editor of the book for putting efforts to bring this book in Punjabi so that precious lives could be saved.

Dr Apar Singh Bindra editor of book thanked minister , Vc, director and others present. He said we will bring more such books in future.

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