Soulfuel launching 'nutrition supplements' backed by medical experts

Protein supplements are a product with a lot of fuss surrounding them with tall and thick claims which are hard to verify and putting your faith in them can lead you into shambles and harm your health

Soulfuel launching 'nutrition supplements' backed by medical experts

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Protein supplements are a product with a lot of fuss surrounding them with tall and thick claims which are hard to verify and putting your faith in them can lead you into shambles and harm your health and fitness. The market is flooded with protein powders full of disguised ingredients, artificial sweeteners, and counterproductive effects.

Selecting the right supplement is crucial for conscious buyers. Many brands miss out on highlighting to their consumers gastrointestinal (GI) difficulties like bloating, indigestion, stomach cramps, and allergies associated with protein powder consumption. Soulfuel is a one-of-a-kind supplement label that tackles most of these problems. The company started with aspirations of bridging the gap and providing solutions to 100% zero sugar and natural-based protein products and fiber supplements that are easy to digest.

The company believes in bringing clarity, simplicity, and transparency with its products to the consumers touching every aspect of healthy living through scientific formulation and genuine care. Soulfuel's vision is to create awareness via their products by bringing to the market a line-up of clean products to enhance healthy living.

The search to find a holistic protein supplement that doesn't come loaded with artificial sweeteners or steroids has culminated into the SoulFuel products.

The wellness brand targets to meet the new-age demands and concrete consumer base that show increased awareness among buyers about genuine clean-label products. Modern consumers prioritize selecting clean, authentic, and wholesome nutrition supplements for a well-rounded, healthy life, even if they have to shell out more. As almost all health products in the market contain some sugar or artificial sweeteners, Soulfuel lives up to its promise of having no sugar in its products. Taking the brands' protein powder into consideration.

Soulfuel protein powder is India's 1st protein powder focused on strengthening the gut health by using a novel ingredient called EpiCor®️ delivering postbiotic with other nutrients. Postbiotic from EpiCor shines amongst dozens of research-proven to improve gut health.

A single scoop of Soulfuel protein powder ripes five key benefits at one time:

- It helps to strengthen the gut with a novel blend of postbiotic (Epicor) and prebiotic Inulin.

- It helps increase protein absorption and muscle strength with the help of added digestive enzymes.

- It helps boost immunity with a natural immunizer called 1,3/1,6 beta-glucan.

- It helps in weight management and

- It helps strengthen hair with sesbania extract giving biotin, and bamboo shoot extract.

Priyanka Lakdawala - The creator of Soulfuel is an ex-hedge fund manager who has spent over last ten years building the best medical weight loss practice in Asia.

To transcend nutritional supplements beyond fitness and add them into everyday life. Priyanka and the team of nutritionists and food technology experts created supplements backed by scientific research.

Soulfuel's built upon a deeply personal and crucial mission – To reimagine nutrition for just about everyone.

"Through Soulfuel, we seek to help a working mother, fitness enthusiast, a recovering cancer patient, a post-bariatric surgery patient, an aging senior citizen, and millions of such everyday users live a better, more vibrant life. Enhancing the everyday life of Indians through the power of genuine nutritional supplements," said Priyanka about the venture.

Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala is also associated with the brand. He is a laparoscopic GI and bariatric surgeon spending the last two decades fighting the obesity crisis in India and across the world.

"As a surgeon, I am helping people live a healthier and happier life, and it's my personal goal to rid India of obesity-related ailments," said Dr. Muffi.

It is challenging to create a supplement with zero sugar or artificial sweeteners and yet keep it flavourful for users. Soulfuel charters into the territory with a varied catalogue of products as vegan and non-vegan options for protein powder, protein bars, nutrient jellies, and much more in store for one to choose from, the brand aims to deliver healthier results with tasteful delights for consumers providing them with the best of both worlds. The great taste of Soulfuels supplements is to see unprecedented adoption rates soon as the customer share their happier reviews.

The wellness brand is to launch new products this year. The line-up includes products like nutraceutical oral strips, protein water, protein shots, and a junior protein powder. Soulfuel’s target audience is a diverse spectrum of individuals from celebrities, nutritionists, chefs, sports enthusiasts, fitness professionals, mothers, yoga professionals, doctors, and those seeking weight loss.

The hallmark of Soulfuel supplements is that they are packed with naturally-sourced nutrients, easy to digest, and great in taste. Moreover, they've developed after trying and testing research by a team of medical experts. Already, over 10000+ patients have tried the supplements and seen positive results and improved quality of life.

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