2 AMU students in ICU, hands of two more blown off by stun grenades

While media coverage focused on police brutalities inside the campus of Jamia Millia Islamia, Uttar Pradesh Police seem to have surpassed their counterparts in Delhi Police

2 AMU students in ICU, hands of two more blown off by stun grenades

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“Spent a harrowing day in AMU on 17th. The police violence there surpasses Jamia, worse than what I have seen in any campus. Injuries and torture of students. 13k students forced to leave campus overnight. University administration has shamefully abandoned the students in its care,” tweeted activist and former bureaucrat Harsh Mander after a visit to Aligarh.

Even as details of the brutal attack on AMU students continue to emerge, Maskoor Usmani, President of the AMU Students’ Union tweeted a picture that shows a student, ostensibly a victim, lying prone on the ground.

A statement of sympathy and solidarity signed by 10 thousand academics meanwhile has been doing the rounds of social media:

“A statement of solidarity with the students of Jamia and AMU which has the signatures of more than ten thousand academics all over the world including Noam Chomsky.”

Sociologist Nandini Sundar also expressed her distress following a visit to Aligarh Muslim University in a series of tweets. She wrote,

· “Just returned from Aligarh, AMU. Two students in ICU with severe head injuries, two students in plastic surgery ward with hands blown off by stun grenades. At least 70 with minor injuries who didn’t register for MLC because they were scared of being targeted later.”

· “26 detained on 15th night, who were severely beaten & belted in police custody, along with communal slurs. Hostel room in Morrison Court burnt by shell thrown inside; students who were studying in room dragged out and arrested.”

· “Students were verbally told by provosts to vacate hostels instantly, written order says only resident doctors and interns can keep their hostel rooms. We met two students - from Kashmir and Assam - who could not go back and were looking for rooms outside.”

· “Police came into campus and was attacking hostels by 9.30. Registrar (serving UP police officer on deputation) says he wrote to the DM at 9.30 asking for police help. Seems to be post-facto, in order to help police.”

· University administration has arranged buses for students to be dropped off within 350 km radius, and buses to Jammu. But with 95% of students gone, not clear why they still need to cut off internet in all of Aligarh.

· “It was thanks to local, alumni and others’ pressure that university admin got the 26 released on Monday. But admin don't seem to be concerned about students’ injuries.

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