‘A menstruating woman who cooks for husband will be reborn as a bitch’!

The bizarre remarks made by Krushnaswarup Dasji of Swaminarayan Bhuj Mandir sent shockwaves on social media

‘A menstruating woman who cooks for husband will be reborn as a bitch’!

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Krushnaswarup Dasji of Swaminarayan Bhuj Mandir has stirred controversy by saying that if a menstruating women cooks food for her husband, she will be certainly be reborn as kutri (bitch). He also said that if you eat food prepared by a menstruating woman even once, then you will definitely be born as a ‘balad’ (ox), Ahmedabad Mirror has reported.

Incidentally, Swaminarayan Bhuj Mandir runs the Bhuj institute where 68 hostellers were forced to strip for a menstrual check.

The viral video of the swami reportedly preaching at a Bhuj ratri sabha has created shockwaves

“Ek vaar maasik dharm maan raheli stri na haathe rotla khai jaao toh beejo avatar balad no j che. Have tamne je lagvu hoy te lage, aa shashtra ni vaat che. Ane ek vaar jo stri potana pati ne maasik dharma maan rotlo khavdave toh beejo avatar kutri no j che (if a menstruating women cooks food for her husband, she will be certainly reborn as Kutri (bitch). If you eat food prepared by a menstruating woman even once, then your next avatar will definitely be that of a ‘balad’ (ox)), the swami says in the video clip, culled from a long speech that he gave a year ago, reported The Ahmedabad Mirror.

He tells the audience: “You can feel whatever you want but these rules have been outlined in the ‘shashtras’ (spiritual texts).”

In the same vein, he adds: “Have aa kahi toh badha ne kadak laage ane rodi pade ke, arre, amne kutri thavu pade, toh haan thavu toh padene (Now that I have said this, everyone will feel that I am strict. And they {women} will cry that we will turn into dogs. So, yes, you will have to {become dogs}).”

Expressing displeasure with the practice of followers, the swami further says, “Aa ttakor karvi ke nahi karvi em kahun. Mein 10 varas maan aa pehli vaar ttakor kari. Mane santo naa paadta ke amara dharam ni secret vaat na keh. Mare kahi nahi, toh khabar nahi padti. (I don’t know whether I should counsel you, or not. This is the first time in 10 years that I am giving this advice. The saints have asked me not to talk about our religion’s secrets. But if I do not say then {you} will never understand.)”

Exhorting the male followers to learn how to cook so that the rules of religion are maintained, Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji warns, “Have maasik dharma maan hoy stree toh tame naath na rotla khayi jaao. Ene bhaan nathi ke hoon aa tran divas aa dharm che, tapasya che eni.... Ek ek vaaton ketli shaashtra ni maryadit vaaton che…Maate cheto. Pennta pehla rasoi banavta seekhilo badha... (You should not eat the rotis made by a menstruating woman. She does not have the sense that she should spend these three days ascetically. Each of these points is defined in the shashtras. So, be warned. Before you get married, learn how to cook.)”

Responding to the video that has gone viral, industrialist Jadavji Gorasiya, who is also the trustee of Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Bhuj said, “I will not comment on the matter.” Devprakash Swami, the kothari swami of the temple, also said, “I do not want to talk about it.”

Meanwhile, another Marathi 'kirtankar' (preacher) Nivrutti Maharaj Indurikar on Tuesday tendered an apology over his weird remarks on the timing of intercourse and gender of a child, seeking to end a controversy on the issue.

His apology came after state minister Bachchu Kadu said Maharashtra government will not file a case against him over the remarks.

During his kirtan (sermon) at a hamlet in Ahmednagar district recently, the preacher reportedly said intercourse by a couple on an even date would beget a male child, while on an odd date would result in the birth of a girl.

The Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti, a voluntary organisation working to eradicate superstitious beliefs, had sought a police case against Indurikar Maharaj, alleging that his comments violated provisions of the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act.

In a statement, Indurikar Maharaj said he was tendering an apology if anyone's sentiments were hurt by his remarks.

"In the last 26 years of my delivering kirtans, I had stressed on fighting superstition and other social ills... If my remarks hurt anyone's sentiments, I apologise for it," he said.

Earlier, the minister had said the state government will not file a case against the preacher.

"Indurikar Maharaj is working to enlighten people through his kirtan. If he goes wrong, the law will take its own course, but that doesn't mean crime will be registered against him. We need to check his intention while making those remarks," Kadu told reporters in Osmanabad on Monday.

If a notice is served, it does not mean he will be booked, the minister of state for water resources said.

"Law is the same for everyone. If anyone commits a mistake, he or she will be punished. But if a word uttered by mistake is played up, then it's not right. If the same thing happens with me, then media shows it as breaking news which is not correct," he said.

With these irrational comments making news, netizens in India started sharing a video of another very popular wise man Jaggi Vasudev known as Sadhguru, shot in 2017 in which he can be heard saying that "When a woman delivers twins, one breast will produce one type of milk and the other will produce another type of milk". Sadhguru had even urged people to celebrate Valentine’s Day as ‘Parents’ Worship Day’

Several people on Twitter slammed the ‘Guru’ for his irrational remarks. It is important to note here that these Gurus and Babas have a huge following in India and abroad.

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