After Tanushree’s allegation, Vivek Agnihotri asked to draw up a list of #UrbanPerverts

After actress Tanushree Dutta accused film director Vivek Agnihotri of indecent conduct, critics have been suggesting on Twitter that Agnihotri take the lead and draw up a list of urban perverts

Photo: Kuntal Chakrabarty/IANS
Photo: Kuntal Chakrabarty/IANS

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Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta has accused Bollywood veteran actor Nana Patekar of “sexual misconduct”. She has also alleged that film director Vivek Agnihotri had asked her to “take her clothes off and dance” while filming 2005 film, Chocolate.

While some megastars choose to remain silent over the issue, Tanushree has been receiving support from some in the film industry. On the other hand, Agnihotri who recently hit headlines for making distasteful comments against actress Swara Bhasker, is again drawing flak on Twitter.

Last month, the BJP supporter had become a target of ridicule on Twitter soon after calling on "some young people" to draw up a list of "Urban Naxals", consisting largely of those who express dissent against the Narendra Modi Government. Now, given Tanushree Dutta’s allegations against Agnihotri, critics have been tweeting to him using the hashtag #UrbanPervert; with many suggesting Agnihotri take the lead and draw up another list of urban perverts.

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