All you need to know about why #BoycottFood trended on top when farmers protest rocked Delhi borders

The trolls have been trolled, Twitter witnessed a satirical trend #BoycottFood trending amid farmers protest against Centre’s farm laws

All you need to know about why #BoycottFood trended on top when farmers protest rocked Delhi borders

Shubhanshi Dimri

As the country witnessed yet another protest by agitated farmers against Centre’s farm laws, an interesting trend #BoycottFood kept trending on the social media platform Twitter.

And the story behind this trend is quite interesting. Apparently every other day the pro BJP or the pro government twitter handles start bombarding the social media platform with ‘boycott’ msg against whoever they deem is against the government or the right wing ideology.

This was very apparent in the case of the controversial Tanishq advertisement which was eventually withdrawn but left yet another trend ‘Love Jihad’ which was then taken ‘seriously’ by some of the BJP-led state governments. So much so, that they have decided to make law against love jihad.

However, right in the morning, #BoycottFood was started by a very popular handle as a satirical hashtag. Since everyone who protests against the government faces this ‘boycott’, hence this handle put up a post that we should boycott food because now farmers are protesting:

Soon ,it became the top trending hashtag. And we can say that it became the ‘social media’ version of the farmers’ protest on the streets.

Several intelligent netizens could understand the humour and picked up the hashtag, while some apparently could not.

But the unique hashtag caught attention of one and all. Many enlightened ones posted more interesting messages while some expressed their shock and bewilderment. Here is a collection of some of the tweetstweets:

Here is a collection of some funny, sarcastic and ticklish memes and tweets:

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