An open letter to Rahul Gandhi: Thanks for fighting the good fight

No thanks to people who threaten to break the legs of reporters who report the Truth. They may have won the battle but the war to salvage the soul of India is not over yet

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Sujata Anandan

Dear Rahul Gandhi, as a senior and independent journalist, I am taking this unusual step of reaching out to you for the simple reason of bringing light to the darkness in my heart with your campaign that was polite, refined, classy and devoid of hate.

Since 2014 Modi has unleashed a darker side of India which I thought could never be challenged until you came along and fought the good fight. If you have read John Milton you would know what rises to the top first and the best always comes in the last, so never mind this defeat.

We have lost a battle but the war to salvage the soul of India is not over yet and never mind what the smug Godi media will say to you now, I am confident it is not Mamata or Mayawati but the Congress alone which can do it.

I am not a Congress groupie and have kicked the party in the butt for long years while it was in power and was looking forward to doing it again without having the BJP threaten to break my legs as Pramod Mahajan had once done for catching out BJP delegates in Kamathipura, ... the red light area of Mumbai and as Murli Deora had not for reporting the same about Congress delegates ten years earlier in 1985 during Congress centenary celebrations - it is that difference that decided me long years ago that I could never support those who bring down mosques… and threaten to break reporters' legs for writing the truth.

Like Christianne Amanpour I do not believe in being neutral but speaking the truth even if it is inconvenient to the establishment. So, I will speak a truth to you here today...

My good friend @avinashpandeinc who hails from Nagpur, as I do, once told me when Sonia Gandhi was Congress president that Congressmen hover round her to seek positions of power in govt and party but never give her any returns… they become CMs and party presidents but get busy consolidating their own gains leaving her alone to win the seats from their states while they keep ruining her efforts by destroying other leaders who may have drawn close to her from their states.

I can see that is what has happened in the Hindi heartland states to the Congress today - none of the guys you rewarded as chief ministers, bar the Captain fought the election as his own today and the only other states where you did well were those where u had nothing to give-yet.

It is a deep rot in the party that needs to be stemmed. Even in my own home state Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar had once told me it was unfortunate that Congress leaders do not know how to campaign and win seats for themselves, they are always crying out to the Gandhis to win even their own seats.

That is exactly what happened this year too - all the leaders at each other's throats were nevertheless united about wanting an alliance with NCP because they wanted Sharad Pawar to help them win. I did not see anyone apart from you and Pawar make an effort in the state.

I apologise for this long spiel & before it gets too boring, I want to say don't lose heart. Victories and defeats come and go, and I believe India will get darker under Modi before it comes up for light. Please do hang in here and hold up the torch against the dark forces.

Good Luck

(Disclaimer: Views expressed are the author’s personal views tweeted by her after the results were declared on May 23. Sujata Anandan also contributes to the National Herald)

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