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Angry Mahila Congress workers lodge FIR in New Delhi over misogynist remarks against Priyanka Gandhi

Hundreds of women gathered at Parliament Street police station to lodge FIR over the misogynist and insulting comments against newly appointed Gen Secy of Congress, Priyanka Gandhi, on social media

NH photo by Vipin
NH photo by Vipin

S Khurram Raza

Hundreds of women gathered at Parliament Street police station to lodge FIR over the misogynist and insulting comments against newly appointed General Secretary of Congress party, Priyanka Gandhi, on social media.

President of the All India Mahila Congress (AIMC) Sushmita Dev along with the Delhi women’s wing of the party led by Delhi Mahila congress President, Sharmistha Mukherjee lodged the FIR. Women protestors were holding placards “Hind ki beti ka apman, nahi sahega Hindustan” (Indian will not bear the the insult of a daughter of India)

Leading hundreds of angry Congress women workers Sushmita Dev said “The way some people are making sexist, nasty, dirty and misogynist comments against Priyanka Gandhi including her physical features shows that what kind of misogynist mindset women have to face who enters the public life.”

Expressing her anger over the behaviour of the BJP leaders, Sushmita told NH “Whatever is being said against Priyanka Gandhi is an insult to every woman, who want to actively participate in politics. The Prime Minister who talks so much on Beti bachao beti padhao has not given any statement against all this. Prime Minister should have given statements condemning such insulting statements for the respect and dignity of the women.”

All India Mahila Congress will lodge FIR in all capitals of the states against the people who are posting insulting tweets against Priyanka Gandhi. Talking to NH the President of the Delhi Mahila Congress, Sharmistha Mukherjee said “We are here to launch complaints against those people and hope that police will take action against the culprits. It is police to see as we are giving them all details including their twitter handles and facebook accounts and it is police which has to investigate whether they are real people or shadow of some people.”

Criticising the BJP and its leadership Sharmishtha said “It is an concerted effort to malign her image as most of the tweets come from the centralised source because the language is the same which shows that there are some people or forces behind this. Some BJP leaders have made some strong misogynist statements and it is in the public domain and senior BJP leadership has not taken any action against these people. This is absolutely shameful.”

Blaming BJP and its leadership Sushmita said “all the people who are posting such insulting comments are Modi Bhakts which shows they are BJP workers and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is encouraging and promoting such elements by keeping quiet”.

On 23rd January Congress President Rahul appointed Priyanka Gandhi as General Secretary of Indian National Congress and gave her the responsibility of East Uttar Pradesh. The mere announcement panicked the BJP and in panic they started a dirty, misogynist campaign against Priyanka Gandhi. As Sushmita told that “Congress tried to ignore this malicious campaign but these elements continued with their dirty campaign so we decided to lodge FIR against these elements so that culprits could be brought to boo”.

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