Apache Combat helicopter makes emergency landing in fields in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab

Apache AH-64E helicopters, one of world’s most advanced multi-role combat helicopters, were inducted into the IAF last year. The helicopter landed after a warning alert sounded in its control panel

Apache Combat helicopter makes emergency landing in fields in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab

Bipin Bhardwaj

A US-made Apache combat helicopter of the Indian Air Force (IAF) reportedly made an emergency landing in Budhwar village of Hoshiarpur district in Punjab on Friday afternoon.

According to reports, the attack helicopter, recently inducted in the IAF, took off from the Pathankot air base, but made an emergency landing in a field in Budhwar village after it developed a technical snag, officials said.

"The chopper made a precautionary landing after a warning alert in its control panels," the Indian Air Force said in its statement. The crew is safe and no major damage has been reported. "The attack choppers are based out of the Pathankot airbase and this chopper had taken off from there. The Air Force will check the helicopter and then take it back to its base. The pilots are safe," the Air Force said.

The Apache AH-64E attack helicopters were inducted into the Indian Air Force last year. The AH-64E Apache is one of the world's most advanced multi-role combat helicopters.

Kuldeep Singh, sarpanch of the village, said that certain farmers noticed the helicopter landing in the fields and subsequently the news spread in the village and surrounding areas. Many villagers rushed to the spot to have a close look at the helicopter. Some even offered water to the pilots.

There was no loss of crops, the sarpanch added.

Meanwhile, the police and Air Force officials cordoned off the area after reaching the spot.

There was no loss of life or property, officials said.

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